The 100 SDCC 2016 Interview: Richard Harmon

Remember Murphy in the first season of The 100? You just wanted to smack the back of his head and tell him to knock it off and stop getting on everyone’s nerves. He was the antagonist and he did a damn good job at it.

We caught up with Richard Harmon, who plays John Murphy on The CW’s The 100, at San Diego Comic Con to talk about his characters growth, working with such an amazing cast, and getting more fight scenes (which we love.)

Harmon admits that Murphy has grown since season 1. Who wouldn’t after the adventures (and beatings) he’s had with Jaha, Emori, and Ontari? But he believes that we’re starting to get to know Murphy, more than simply seeing him grow.

“A lot of people are calling it growth of Murphy as a character and I think he has grown. But at the same time, I think what it is, is the continuation of just getting to know him better,” Harmon explained. He comes off as an asshole in the beginning because we didn’t know him that well. “I think we can hopefully continue that and get to know more about his moral code and what he’s all about.”

One of the most unexpected moments this season for Murphy was being with Clarke at Polis. They were no longer the people that had first landed on Earth. They had to work together and find a way to survive.

When referring to the relationship between Murphy and Clarke, Harmon said, “I think those characters are so much fun together because Clarke is such a driven person, but Murphy doesn’t take anyone’s crap, like ever. So she just thinks she’s gonna walk all over him to like do what she wants. Murphy’s not gonna have it.” It easy to see that he enjoys working with Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, and hopes to have more scenes with her in season 4.

Personally we wouldn’t mind a sass off between these two.

To learn more about what Richard Harmon thinks about those fight scenes, never exchanging words with Christopher Larkin on screen, and season 4 of The 100, check out the rest of the interview below!

The 100 Season 4 returns Mid-season 2017 on The CW.

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