The 100 SDCC 2016 Interview: Eliza Taylor

This season we’ve seen Clarke do and go through incredible, questionable, and heartbreaking situations. She’s had a lover die before her eyes, a friend betray her, and seen her mother hang herself at A.L.I.E.’s command. The list goes on.

We got a chance to talk to The 100‘s Eliza Taylor about taking on these hard scenes, saying goodbye to Commander, and season 4 of The CW hit.

Every single tear jerking, cringe inducing, and heartbreaking scene on The 100, stays with Taylor long after she leaves set. For her, acting is 70% Eliza and 30% her character. “There have been times where I’ve gone home from doing a really emotional scene and just sobbed because it’s incredibly hard to get out of.”

Taylor continued by saying, “You put so much of yourself and your feelings into whatever your characters going through that of course you’re gonna take that home with you.”

A significantly heartbreaking moment for Clarke this past season was the death of Commander Lexa. Just as they were working towards exploring their feelings for each other Lexa was taken away. Getting an opportunity to see her again gave Clarke an opportunity to say what she couldn’t before.

“At the end, to see her (Lexa) again, and for her to say, “I’ll always be with you.” I think it was easier.” And despite Eliza clarifying that Lexa isn’t the love of Clarke’s life, the significance/importance of saying goodbye to her, isn’t lessened. “It was something she needed to hear. It’s like, “You will always be with me. I know it. And I feel you everyday.” That’s what she needed.”

To learn more about what Eliza Taylor wants for her character, working more with the rest of our delinquents, and season 4 of The 100, check out the full interview below!

The 100 Season 4 returns Mid-season 2017 on The CW.

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