‘Heart of Stone’ Review: All Action, No Thrills

Heart of Stone doesn’t fulfill all its action potential and that’s a shame. Read on as we cover all the details in our review!

Heart of Stone Premieres Tomorrow – Here’s Netflix’s Final Look

Netflix’s Heart of Stone premieres tomorrow, and the movie promises Gal Gadot and a lot of action. That’s basically it.

The First Official Trailer for ‘Heart of Stone’ Is Here

Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan star in Heart of Stone, which is new in August. You can check out the trailer for the action film here.

Dear Fast X, Give Gisele and Han Their Happy Ending

If the Fast and Furious franchise can bring back Han, they can certainly bring back Gisele and give them the happy ending they deserve.

Netflix’s TUDUM Film First Look: ‘Heart Of Stone’

We really wanted to keep it realistic, so people can feel the pain… Well when it comes to Netflix and anything that they make, we’re pretty positive that we’re going to feel all the pain, all the time. Even when…

Joss Whedon and His Comments About Gal Gadot Are Ignorant. Period.

Joss Whedon is really over here saying ignorant garbage about Gal Gadot with his full chest and we need to talk about it.

‘Red Notice’ Review: A Nap Would’ve Been Better

Nothing could save us from the utter boredom that was Netflix’s star-studded latest release Red Notice. Read our review!

Gal Gadot Asked What Made Her Sign On To The Live Action ‘Snow White’

If you would have asked me a year ago, who I would think would be the best Evil Queen, I wouldn’t have said Gal, but now I can’t imagine anyone else.

Gal Gadot To Play The Evil Queen In ‘Snow White’

This is everything we never knew we needed, but we do. We need this sooo bad.

‘Red Notice’: Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, And Dwayne Johnson Battle It Out In Released Clip

You had us and will always have us at Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson. #RedNotice

See The Trailer And First Look Images For ‘Red Notice’

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in a movie together is everything that we didn’t know we needed, but want and will watch.

See The Latest Photos From ‘Death On The Nile’

2022 will bring us #DeathOnTheNile, but today we’re staring at these gorgeous pics from the movie. See them here!

Ryan Reynolds Gets Covid Tested And Shares The Experience

Normally we have an exit only strategy for noses. BUT for COVID-19 tests, just stick it up there.

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DC FanDome was full of surprises and new content for fans all around the world. There was plenty of Wonder Woman 1984 content spread out over the 24-hour, immersive event. One fun segment saw the cast go head-to-head in a…

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'Wonder Woman' Review: A Kickass Movie With An Inspiring Message

Warning: Spoilers from Wonder Woman within this review. There are superhero movies about superheroes. Then there are superhero movies that are so much more. Wonder Woman was the first film in the DC Extended Universe that was able to encapsulate…

New Wonder Woman Trailer Brings All the Hype

In terms of excitement, there is no movie that I am anticipating more than Wonder Woman, which hits theaters this June. Ever since Wonder Woman’s cameo in Batman v Superman there has been a desire for a female superhero to…