As fans, we tend to focus a lot on the romance in movies, books and TV shows. But sometimes, it’s the friendships that provide the most heartwarming moments and, let’s be honest, the most solid relationships. Even if your OTP isn’t doing too well, you can always count on aRead More →


Ghostbusters. Whatever side that you are on – loving or hating the movie – doesn’t matter to us. We loved it and are excited for it to make it’s way to Blu-Ray. We don’t have much longer to wait. Paul Feig directed the reboot of Ghostbusters which stars Melissa McCarthy,Read More →

We’re all about the female driven Ghostbusters – cause WHY NOT. We’re looking forward to seeing some of our favorite female actresses on the big screen. Yesterday, the international trailer for Ghostbusters was released. We’ll just say this – it gives us more Chris Hemsworth. And that we are allRead More →