As fans, we tend to focus a lot on the romance in movies, books and TV shows. But sometimes, it’s the friendships that provide the most heartwarming moments and, let’s be honest, the most solid relationships. Even if your OTP isn’t doing too well, you can always count on a healthy BROTP to lift you up and remind you why you fell in love with this book, movie or TV show.

2016, like any other year, was ripe with epic bromances. Some of them might turn into something more down the line, but for the moment we all can appreciate how amazing these friendships were in 2016.

Clary and Simon, Shadowhunters


Characters and relationships have always been the strength of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, and Clary and Simon’s friendship has always been one of the most solid relationships in the series. This epic bromance has been adapted for film twice now: first in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and more recently in Freeform’s show Shadowhunters, and they’ve been among the best parts of both adaptations. They’re a team, a package deal as they say in the show.

Mick and Ray, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Look, I’m as surprised as you are.

But sometimes the best bromances are the ones that take you by surprise, friendships between characters you never expected to ever get along. That’s what Legends of Tomorrow does best.

Ray is a privileged millionaire who’s really only on this team because of his expensive super suit. Mick is a pyromaniac who killed his entire family when he was a kid and spent most of last season as a loose cannon that many considered a danger to the team. Ever since Snart and Kendra’s disappearances, both Mick and Ray have been looking for new people to hang out with, and they’ve gravitated toward each other. None of us never expected this to be a thing, but now that it is we kind of love it.

Kara and Alex, Supergirl


The relationship between the Danvers sisters has always been one of the strongest on Supergirl, as well as one of the best female friendships on television.

Here’s the thing: Kara and Alex are far from perfect. They’ve had a whole lot of issues in 2016, from Kara’s hurtful comments in Falling to the more recent drama surrounding Alex’s coming out. But the important thing about them is that they always move past it, always work to better themselves and preserve this incredible relationship.

Steve and Bucky, Captain America: Civil War


I kind of hate putting these two on this list because I want so badly for them to be more than friends, but even if the writers are insisting that there’s no sexual tension between them (there is), we can at least appreciate the amazing bromance between these two superheroes.

I mean, Steve started a war for Bucky. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Honorable mention goes to these two:


Ginny and Blip, Pitch


Sports bromances are the best. There’s something about playing for the same sports team that brings people together in the most amazing way. Pitch did a fantastic job of bringing that to TV this year, with pretty much the entire Padres team. I could probably put any combination of Padres players on this list, but Ginny and Blip were far and away the best bromance on the show.

Oliver and Diggle, Arrow


It’s no secret that Arrow season five has been seriously lacking in Original Team Arrow, AKA Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. However, Oliver and Diggle’s bromance remains as solid as ever, as Diggle continues to be Oliver’s moral compass and most trusted team member. This year has even seen a bit of a role reversal, as Oliver has had to reassure his friend that his actions were both justified and forgivable. In a year when Arrow seems to have taken a sharp turn for the worse, this relationship has been a bright spot.

Albus and Scorpius, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Jack Thorne


This is another BROTP that’s actually an OTP for me and for many other fans. However, regardless of whether or not you think these two should have gotten together at the end of the play, you can’t deny that these two adorable fourteen year olds had one of the best friendships in fiction this year.

Scott and Stiles, Teen Wolf


“Sciles” is kind of the standard for bromances on TV right now. These guys are such good friends that Scott’s mom once punished him by taking Stiles away from him. Sure, they haven’t been on the best terms this year, and Scott kind of forgot his best friend ever existed, but they’ve certainly made us feel.

And when they’re together, they’re pretty amazing.

Emma and Regina, Once Upon A Time


Oh, how far Emma and Regina have come since season one.

There was a time when these two were enemies. Now, they share custody of a son. While there have always been bumps in the road, Emma and Regina’s relationship has developed into one of the best friendships on Once Upon A Time. No matter what life throws at them, they always support each other and work to create a better world for their son to live in.

This year, Regina followed Emma into the underworld and worked to give her friend a happy ending even when it seemed she wouldn’t get her own. Emma did her best to help Regina get over Robin’s death despite her very obvious guilt at having her own true love return to her. And of course, Regina ventured into an alternate universe to bring Emma back. This relationship may have started as a reluctant attempt to get along for Henry’s good, but it’s definitely blossomed into something more over the course of six seasons.

Captain Hook and Prince Charming, Once Upon A Time


Hook and Charming have come a long way since the pirate was first introduced back in season two. David has always a bit overprotective of Emma, and it’s hard to blame him for being slightly wary of her new boyfriend, but this year he seems to have finally accepted Killian as part of the family. He even accompanied Emma to the underworld to retrieve him. That’s true love.

The Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call



We need more female friendships on screen, and this year’s Ghostbusters reboot provided that. These four ladies are basically friendship goals. They’re funny, quirky and relatable. They also support each other without ever getting jealous or mean-spirited. Not to mention that they bust ghosts together, which is pretty badass.

Barry and Kara, Supergirl and The Flash


Yes, Kara is on this list twice. It’s because she’s a delightful ray of sunshine who gets along with everyone, and you know who else is like that? Barry. The two met for a crossover at the beginning of the year, and their bromance was incredible. They didn’t get much screen time together in the more recent four part crossover, but what they got was as adorable as ever. Despite our issues with Barry, we’re excited to see more from the Superfriends.

Honorable mention: Kara and Clark, Supergirl


I had to, okay? I can’t help it. At this point, I could probably take any two Supergirl characters and make a case for them being the best bromance of 2016. This show is that delightful. Kara is that delightful.

What was your favourite BROTP of 2016? Let us know in the comments!

(And yes, I hear you, Supernatural fans. I know your show has the best bromance on TV. I just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Don’t kill me!)

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