Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Need To Co-Host An Awards Show

You listening, Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences? Or, I don’t know, whoever it is that actually names the host(s) of The Oscars? We honestly don’t know why you haven’t thought of this sooner. Sure, clearly good friends Ryan Reynolds…

The Internet Celebrated Mj Rodriguez & Her Historic Golden Globes Win

Mj Rodriguez and her historic Golden Globes win has the internet happy for once and we’re here for it and then some.

The Golden Globes Nominations Were Announced. Here Are The Best Tweets

The Golden Globes nominations are here, and there was a lot of good. And, as always, a lot of bad. Plus some WTF.

The 2020 Golden Globe Nominations Are Here

The 2020 Golden Globe Nominations are out and we’re wondering what the fuck people were thinking and praising some thoughts at the same time. Zendaya has been magical on Euphoria and seeing her miss from this list is some bullshit.…