Season 6 of The Blacklist was a wild ride from start to finish. We had the fallout from Liz’s big betrayal of Red, a new government conspiracy leading all the way up to the President, Mozhan Marno’s exit from the show (we’ll miss you always Samar) and the big revealRead More →


So it finally happened. We now know Red’s true identity and why he’s been keeping it from Liz for all these years. The Red we’ve always known is really a man named Ilya, Katarina Rostova’s lover. Ilya changed his identity to that of Raymond Reddington in order to keep KatarinaRead More →

In The Blacklist‘s “The Third Estate” the Task Force took on a group of criminals going after the children of America’s richest families, but there was a bit of a plot twist. The children of these families weren’t actually being kidnapped, they were faking their own kidnappings to get backRead More →

When Red gets betrayed by someone close to him he reacts violently, and unfortunately Smokey Putnam was on the receiving end of his wrath. Smokey, played by Michael Aronov, has been one of the best recurring side characters on The Blacklist. Always good for a bit of comic relief, he’sRead More →

Well, for one minute there it looked like Red might have finally saved himself, almost flawlessly executing a brilliant prison escape plan, but leave it to Liz to mess that up too. Steps away from Dembe’s helicopter and freedom, Red was stopped by prison guards who had only been alertedRead More →

This week’s episode of The Blacklist, titled “General Shiro,” was one of the weakest the show has produced in its six season run. The story barely moved forward, we had to suffer another appearance from Glenn the DMV employee (one of the show’s most irritating characters) and there were bugs. LotsRead More →

So Red’s trial is over, and surprise surprise the court didn’t rule in his favor. Red is now facing the death penalty, all thanks to Liz. What’s so cold blooded about this is that Liz knew exactly what to point the police towards in her anonymous tip to make sureRead More →

Never has it been more apparent than in The Blacklist episode “The Pawnbrokers” that James Spader is the driving force behind the show. It was an incredibly engaging episode and that’s all thanks to him. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an actor absolutely command a room and that’s what JamesRead More →

I think we were all hoping there would be some loophole to get Red out of police custody without something catastrophic happening, but it’s looking more and more like that won’t be the case. For a minute it seemed like the judge might rule in Red’s favor, thanks to CooperRead More →

The season 5 finale reveal that the Red we know isn’t actually the real Raymond Reddington left no room for doubt that it would be a serious game changer. Personally, I still don’t understand why Red’s true identity is such a big deal. No matter who he was in theRead More →

The identity of the bones in the duffle bag was finally revealed in the season 5 finale, “Sutton Ross,” and it’s definitely a game changer, albeit one that the fans called ages ago. The Raymond Reddington we’ve known since the beginning of the series isn’t actually Raymond Reddington, that’s whoRead More →

This week’s new Blacklist “Zarak Mosadek” dropped an absolute bombshell. After Liz and Aram followed a lead on Ian Garvey, they discovered that he checked in on the same woman at a restaurant every day. Liz thought this meeting had something to do with the Nash Syndicate, but the womanRead More →

In “Anna Gracia Duerte” The Blacklist tackled the sensitive topic of child brides and arranged marriages. “Anna Gracia Duerte” a 17 year old girl, was the target the Task Force was after. She had been a child bride, forced by her parents to marry the man who raped her inRead More →

This week’s episode, “The Capricorn Killer” may have been the most gruesome one that The Blacklist has ever delivered. The woman who Liz thought was just her FBI psychologist assigned to evaluate her for reinstatement into the bureau, turned out to be secretly leading a team who killed serial killers.Read More →

This week’s Blacklist, “Pattie Sue Edwards” was a solid episode. Not one of the season’s best, but still enjoyable. The most shocking moment came at the end of the episode when Detective Singleton was kidnapped and murdered by his boss, Ian Garvey, code name Damascus. Liz and Singleton, with Aram’s help,Read More →