You know that we love Christmas movies like no other. Lifetime, Hallmark, Freeform – it doesn’t matter. We’ll take them all. Give us the cheese. All of it. Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have a pretty good idea for a new Christmas movie. And you know with what isRead More →


Sometimes perfection comes with age. Like a fine wine it takes time to unravel and reveal it’s complexities, beauty, and distinct nature. The men of this list have only gotten better with age and continue to steal hearts as they go about filming the TV shows and movies we love!Read More →

Didn’t have a chance to attend The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic because you didn’t want to battle the Hall H line of doom? We’ve got you covered! 1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has never been stopped so many times. Right after the episode aired Jeffrey, who plays theRead More →

Thanks to the amazing people over at Entertainment Weekly we have our first look at season 7 of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead! And of course it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan! What else did you expect? They’re going to tease us until we’re ready to pull our collective intelligenceRead More →