Yeah, We’re Still Mad About ‘Magnum P.I’

We might still have some episodes of Magnum P.I to look forward to, but that doesn’t make us any less mad about the cancellation.

‘Magnum P.I.’ Interview: Stephen Hill

We interviewed the actor behind our favorite character on #MagnumPI, #StephenHill. It was a treat. See the interview here!

‘Magnum P.I.’ Interview: Tim Kang

We’ve always love TC on #MagnimPI, but hey, Det. Gordon Katsumoto is making a run for our fave. See our interview with fave Tim Kang.

FYI: Real Diversity Starts in the Writers Room

Every so often I find myself writing headlines, looking at them and thinking, well, isn’t that just obvious? Why does it even need to be said? And yet, sadly, we live in a world where they still do. This morning,…

CBS SDCC Interviews: ‘Tell Me A Story’ and “Magnum PI’ Leave A Mark

Sometimes you go into a press room for something and end up leaving with a new appreciation for other things. That’s what happened to us during the CBS press room at San Diego Comic Con. We were there for Charmed,…