I’ve tried to keep the intensity of my personal feelings about the events of this season out of these posts, but I can’t do it anymore. This episode was the final nail in the coffin. I am absolutely furious with the writing this season and Liz Keen’s character. This wholeRead More →


The identity of the bones in the duffle bag was finally revealed in the season 5 finale, “Sutton Ross,” and it’s definitely a game changer, albeit one that the fans called ages ago. The Raymond Reddington we’ve known since the beginning of the series isn’t actually Raymond Reddington, that’s whoRead More →

This week’s new Blacklist “Zarak Mosadek” dropped an absolute bombshell. After Liz and Aram followed a lead on Ian Garvey, they discovered that he checked in on the same woman at a restaurant every day. Liz thought this meeting had something to do with the Nash Syndicate, but the womanRead More →

In “Anna Gracia Duerte” The Blacklist tackled the sensitive topic of child brides and arranged marriages. “Anna Gracia Duerte” a 17 year old girl, was the target the Task Force was after. She had been a child bride, forced by her parents to marry the man who raped her inRead More →

This week’s episode, “The Capricorn Killer” may have been the most gruesome one that The Blacklist has ever delivered. The woman who Liz thought was just her FBI psychologist assigned to evaluate her for reinstatement into the bureau, turned out to be secretly leading a team who killed serial killers.Read More →

This week’s┬áBlacklist, “Pattie Sue Edwards” was a solid episode. Not one of the season’s best, but still enjoyable. The most shocking moment came at the end of the episode when Detective Singleton was kidnapped and murdered by his boss, Ian Garvey, code name Damascus. Liz and Singleton, with Aram’s help,Read More →

The Blacklist returned last night with, “Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III” and they hit the ground running. Towards the end of the episode, Liz brought Detective Singleton into the Task Force’s headquarters to prove that her relationship with Reddington wasn’t something suspicious, but fully authorized by the FBI. I was convincedRead More →

Last night’s new episode “The Invisible Hand” was a somewhat lackluster “criminal of the week” episode that still managed to drop a couple of bomb shells and had a lot of enjoyable moments. Perhaps the two biggest revelations of “The Invisible Hand” were one, that Ian Garvey, the man responsibleRead More →

On this week’s Blacklist “Tommy Wattles” Liz finally confronted Red about what he knew about Tom’s death and the secret he had uncovered. Red did his trademark evasion of the question, but a short talk with Dembe convinced him to tell Liz at least part of the truth. Honestly, whatRead More →

Last night in “Abraham Stern” The Blacklist celebrated 100 episodes. The tone of the episode reflected the celebration and happiness of the occasion, as we were treated to a much more light-hearted episode than is the norm for the series. Red got to participate in an old fashioned treasure hunt/robberyRead More →

In last night’s all new Blacklist, “Ruin,” Liz returned with a vengeance, single-handedly dispatching five members of a crime family who dared to attack her at her cabin in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. In order to mourn Tom properly and to clear her head, Liz decided she neededRead More →

Last night’s new episode of The Blacklist “The Endling” was probably the most disturbing installment of the fifth season yet. It opened with the completely unnecessary and cruel murder of a race horse and his trainer in a barn fire. I guess this scene was meant to establish how evilRead More →

Have The Blacklist writers finally listened to fans and returned to the old style of the show that focuses on everyone in the task force and a new blacklister every week? It seems like they might have, as “Miss Rebecca Thrall” continued the trend we’ve seen in the first twoRead More →

Wednesday’s new episode “Greyson Blaise” proved once again that The Blacklist is at its best when it focuses on blacklisters and the task force, not family drama. Pretty much everyone had equal screen time, and the entire task force even got to go to the party that Red decided toRead More →

The Blacklist finally made its return last night, with the season 5 premiere, “Smokey Putnam.” The episode opened with Red stealing cars and generally having the time of his life. Now that his criminal empire has been destroyed, a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders, and he getsRead More →

Last night’s episode, “The Harem” was underwhelming to say the least. The group of female thieves were completely irrelevant, and it wasn’t even really a compelling case episode. There were a couple good exchanges of dialogue between characters, but almost nothing of significance. Something I found really interesting is thatRead More →