I’ll be honest; Bane has never really interested me as a Batman villain. “I Am Bane” did not change that. The title character was far less interesting than the woman holding his leash, and her vendetta against Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean. Bane felt like a plot device to executeRead More →


“The Trial Of Jim Gordon” marks Erin Richards’ debut as a director, with a script written by Ben McKenzie. They created pure gold. The episode is loaded with so many of the things I love about Gotham: Favorite characters and heartfelt conversations, mixed with life-threatening crises. It was a little lessRead More →

“Ace Chemicals” is loaded with chemistry. There’s the sizzling kind between fan-favorite couples, the soothing kind between friends who have become family, plus the explosive kind between deadly enemies. And then there was the big explosion that leveled Wayne Manor! Continuing their “pull out all the stops” approach for thisRead More →

Just about four years ago, I sat in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con with thousands of other fans to watch the world premiere of Gotham. At the time it was pitched as the gritty origin story of both Bruce Wayne and his ally, James Gordon. The pilot was fascinating,Read More →