‘Perfect Addiction’ Shares the Trailer and We’re Obsessed!

Perfect Addiction is our new obsession! The movie is getting closer and a new trailer arrives to become our guilty pleasure.

The Trailer For ‘The Strays’ Has Us Curious And Creeped Out

Have you ever watched a film trailer that left you with more questions than answers? That was us after we watched the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming movie, The Strays. In the film, Ashley Madekwe (Salem) stars as an upper-middle-class woman…

‘Scream VI’ Trailer: What’s in the Shrine & Does It Mean Gale’s Doomed?

The first full-length Scream VI trailer dropped this week, and the theories are already flying. What’s next for Ghostface? Killing, probably.

The ‘Your Place or Mine’ Trailer Shows Why it’s THE Rom-Com Of 2023

Your Place or Mine trailer it’s everything we wanted to see and more! In addition, we have two more images of the film.

‘Titanic’ Gets A Shiny New Trailer And Poster For Its 25th Anniversary Re-Release

The RMS Titanic may have infamously only had one voyage across the Atlantic, but its legacy lives on through James Cameron‘s Titanic. It will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a theatrical re-release in time for Valentine’s Day this year,…

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ Releases an Amazing Trailer!

Oppenheimer is an epic thriller that show us an enigmatic man who risk destroying the world to save it. And we have the trailer right here!

First Official ‘Scream VI’ Teaser Puts Ghostface Out In The Wild, For Better Or Worse

Scream VI has its first official teaser, and we’re not entirely sure what to make of it. Hear us out before you get stabby.

See The Official Trailer For Passionflix’s ‘Torn’

Some people are looking for a little love with their Halloween. That’s where Passionflix comes in with their paranormal romance Torn.

See The Trailer For Freddy Carter’s Short Film ‘Broken Gargoyles’

One of the film genres that is overlooked the most is short films. They tend to be treated as the underdog when in actuality some of the best films are short films. We do think those people who create short…

The Trailer For ‘M3GAN’ Has Us Afraid To Buy Kid’s Toys

We all had our favorite toys to play with as kids. For some of us, those toys were dolls. As we grew up those toys got more and more sophisticated and were eventually able to do things like talk to…

‘Babylon’ First Trailer is Here — And It’s Crazy

Babylon is probably one of the most anticipated films of awards season. And now, the wild first trailer is here!

See The Trailer For ‘The Loneliest Boy In The World’

The Loneliest Boy In The World looks like a campy but lovable horror flick that reminds us of those that we grew up with in the 90s.   When the sheltered and unsocialized Oliver (Max Harwood) is tasked with making…

See The Trailer For ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’

We have a lot of films to look forward to this fall. We can now add Tyler Perry’s ‘A Jazzman’s Blues” to that list.

See ‘Emily’ Movie Trailer, The Emily Brontë Biographical Film

Brontë is one of our favorite writers. We know her life was fascinating and Emily’s trailer, her biographical film, proves us right.

The ‘Out of the Blue’ Movie Trailer Has Us Like…???

So, let’s talk about the Out of the Blue trailer. As in, let’s talk about how we were today years old when we learned this movie existed.

A Second Trailer For ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Has Been Released

The second Don’t Worry Darling trailer makes us even more excited to see the film, directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles!

‘Gigi And Nate’ Looks Like It Will Be A Heartwarming Movie

Gigi and Nate looks like it’s going to be a film that reminds us how important it is to keep love and hope in our lives.

The ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Has Us Screaming

Forget about every other upcoming horror movie — the Halloween Ends trailer just reminded us why this franchise is *the* one. Here’s why.

‘Amsterdam’ Movie Trailer is Here and We Have ‘Timeless’ Vibes

In a mix between Timeless and the best stories of Agatha Christie, Amsterdam premieres a trailer that captivated us from start to finish.

‘The Woman King’ Trailer Is Out And This Movie Looks Epic

Black history is something we continue to learn about all the time. Despite those people who attempt to prevent us from learning more about it, there are people out there who are working their hardest to make sure those untold…

See The Trailer For Passionflix Film ‘Resisting Roots’

Passionflix has released the official trailer for Resisting Roots and after watching it we’re looking forward to this light-hearted story.