The ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ Teaser Trailer Is Here And We’re Screaming!

The new Nicolas Cage movie is very close! Prisoners of the Ghostland just released a teaser trailer that leaves us wanting more. Take a look!

‘After We Fell’ Releases New Posters And Darker And Sexiest Trailer

We have a new trailer for After We Fell! Also, today is our day, because we have three new posters of the movie. And they’re PERFECT.

‘The King’s Man’ Releases A New Amazing Trailer

A movie we’re dying to watch? The King’s Man is the answer! Because, yeah, they’re more life outside Netflix and HBO MAX. This prequel promises much more action, drama, fighting, and adrenaline. We will know much more about the way the Kigsman…

‘Resort To Love’ Releases Its Trailer And First Look

Can an old love rise from the ashes? This is the premise of Netflix’s Resort To Love. We bring you the trailer, first look and key art.

See The Trailer For ‘Last Night In Soho’

We love Anya Taylor-Joy. She’s an amazing actress with the ability to transform in every role she portrays. That’s why we are looking forward to her upcoming film Last Night In Soho. The trailer was just released and now we…

The Big Screen Is Back Event Presents ‘Werewolves Within’ Starring Sam Richardson

Werewolves Within was previewed at The Big Screen is Back. Sam Richardson attended the event to and we have a lot of cool stuff about it.

See The ‘Let Us In’ Amazing Trailer And First Look

A new movie has our attention! It’s Let Us In. A thriller with a tension that leaves you glued. Here’s the trailer and the first look.

See The First Trailer For ‘Dear Evan Hansen’!

Image source: Universal Pictures Dear Evan Hansen is one of the most successful Broadway musicals of the last decade, and the six-time Tony Award winner is finally headed to the big screen. Ben Platt reprises what is arguably is most…

Martin Scorsese ‘Port Authority’ Releases Its Trailer And First Look

Martin Scorsese returns as the executive producer of Port Authority. Tell us the story between Paul and Wye, a trans woman of color.

‘Take Out Girl’ Releases Its Amazing Trailer

We support minority talent to get the recognition they deserve. Take Out Girl, whose main cast is Asian American releases its trailer.

‘Endangered Species’ Releases Its Trailer And First Look

We love animals. That is a fact. Only that some of us would admire them from far away … or from our screens. Especially after watching Endangered Species, Lionsgate‘s latest take on action. If you want to know what we’re…

‘Above Suspicion’ Releases Its Trailer And First Look

We have good news for Game of Thrones fans! Emilia Clarke is the star in new Lionsgate Above Suspicion. Here’s the trailer and the first look.

Anthony Hopkins New Movie ‘The Virtuoso’ Releases Its Trailer

Anthony Hopkins finally came back with The Virtuoso and we’re happy! Join us to see the trailer and synopsis.

Morgan Freeman And Ruby Rose’s New Movie ‘Vanquish’ Releases Its Trailer And First Look

Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose together? HELL YEAH! The two team up to co-star Vanquish. Here’re the trailer, first photos and synopsis.

‘Last Call’ Synopsis & Trailer

We have a new movie in our sights! You know that at Fangirlish, when we know that a movie is going to touch our hearts, we share it with all of you.  This time we are talking about Last Call and here’re the synopsis…

‘Tyger Tyger’ Trailer And Synopsis Are Here!

You must watch Tyger Tyger! It’s the new movie that has completely caught our attention. In a world where the pandemic is a daily problem, there are always people who end up benefiting from it. Tyger Tyger tells us this…

‘Moxie!’ Releases Trailer

Ready for the revolution? Moxie! arrives on Netflix on March 3 and promises to teach us that rebellion is necessary to change things and that doing nothing … is part of the problem. Here’s its amazing trailer. Here we go! It’s awesome, right?  We have…

‘Alice Fades Away’ Trailer And Synopsis

You know we like very intense movies.  They’re our favorites.  And whenever a movie grabs our attention, we bring it your way.  Now it is the turn of ‘Alice Fades Away’ a thriller that will surely not leave you indifferent.  Here we bring you…

‘Rage’ Synopsis And Trailer Are Here!

We like emotionally intense movies! This is not a surprise. Emotions, good and bad, move the world. And when revenge, inner demons, fear and strength come together … we grab popcorn and just enjoy the result. We’re talking about ‘Rage’.  And…

‘Body Brokers’ Trailer And Synopsis

We just watched the trailer for ‘Body Brokers‘ and we can’t wait to watched this movie!  It seems to us a really interesting and novel story.  So you don’t miss anything here’s the synopsis and the trailer. Here we go! What’s it…

‘Honeydew’ Trailer And Synopsis Are Here!

You know that we love the horror genre and we love to give you news about new movies that catch our attention. This time, the movie you have to see is ‘HONEYDEW‘. A bit remote houses and farmers have never…