I have often mentioned in these reviews that I, too, am a member of the press. As such, I found the dilemma presented in “Beat The Press” to be all too resonant. When your safety and that of your colleagues is on the line, do you hold back? The centralRead More →


There is a recipe for Thanksgiving episodes. It includes a turkey, an awkward family gathering, a dash of ribbing about the culinary talents of the host/hostess, and the eventual realization that despite difficulties, family is something to be thankful for. This episode of Murphy Brown has all those ingredients, butRead More →

Five days before the midterm elections, Murphy Brown focuses on the big vote in “Results May Vary.” The episode features marathon election day coverage by Murphy in the Morning and Avery’s rival Wolf Network, from the opening of the polls to the final tally at midnight Eastern time. The episode isRead More →

The saddest thing about the #MeToo movement is the vast number of us who can say those words. In “#MurphyToo,” Murphy Brown joins that army of women… and men… who have been victims of those more powerful than us. I say “us” because… #MeToo. Although perhaps I should put thatRead More →

Jake McDorman’s Avery Brown is quickly becoming my favorite part of the Murphy Brown revival. His episode-closing scene with Candice Bergen’s Murphy made up for some early flat notes. It’s not that they didn’t try. But many of the lines felt like Miles’ attempted joke about breaking in to hisRead More →

There is nothing fake about my joy in seeing Murphy Brown back on my TV. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this revival for months, and the premiere did not disappoint. From the opening montage of the 2016 presidential campaign (over a soundtrack of “Sympathy For The Devil”) to the best secretarialRead More →

We were already eagerly anticipating the return of Murphy Brown to our TV sets. Now CBS is exciting us even more with the news that next week’s premiere will get an extra five minutes! That’s five more minutes to get re-acquainted with the team. It’s five more minutes to meetRead More →