Halsey Has Released A New Song And It’s So Good

We love Halsey and their music. Anytime we get new music from them we are all over it. We’re still blasting their fourth album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a…

Camila Cabello Opens Up About How Making ‘Familia’ Helped Her

Camila Cabello is open about her anxiety and how she handles it. We’re inspired. See what she had to say.

Nick Jonas Talks About New Jonas Bros. Music

New #JonasBros music? Yes please. Now the only question we have is WHEN?

James Corden Directed Harry Styles’s Latest Music Video And It’s Not Bad

If you’ve been watching The Late Late Show With James Corden you already know that he and Harry Styles have been friends for a long time.

We’ve Listened To Harry’s House And Now We’re Ready To Move In

Harry Styles’s third album Harry’s House was released on Friday, and we’ve spent the entire weekend with it on repeat.

Joe Alwyn Reveals the Inspiration Behind His Songwriting Pseudonym

Promoting #ConversationsWithFriends, #JoeAlwyn talks about his songwriting pseudonym and where it came from.

Halsey Updates Fans On Their Health Status

One thing Halsey fans can say is that she is an artist who is always up front about everything. Especially their health. We all know that Halsey has faced a lot of health struggles over the years, and we love…

Harry Styles Talks About Going To Therapy

When it comes to therapy, we know that it’s definitely important. Hell, it’s what has kept us alive and moving forward with our lives. Therapy has definitely been a life saver. There is such a stigma around mental health and…

Harry Styles Announces ‘Love On Tour 2022’ North American Dates

Color us surprised when Harry Styles announced yet another North American tour is going to be happening this year.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Listen To “Hold My Hand” From Lady Gaga

Music can make or break a movie and we have to admit that we’re looking forward to #TopGunMaverick if the music is like this one!

Sofia Carson Releases Video For ‘It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies’

We love music and we love a good music video. Sofia Carson’s latest has a familiar face in it

See The Track List For Harry Styles’s Upcoming Album Harry’s House

Harry Styles’s third album Harry’s House releases in a month and we are ready to have it in heavy rotation.

Ed Sheeran’s ‘2 Step’ Video Was Filmed In The Ukraine Before Russian Invasion

We’re watching the video of #2Step by #EdSheeran on repeat because (1) it’s a great song and (2) all revenue from the YouTube stream is going to aid Ukraine

Phoebe Bridgers Writes A Song For Hulu’s ‘Conversations With Friends’

We’re looking forward to #ConversationsWithFriends & love this new song for the series from Phoebe Bridgers!

Lizzo Releases A New Music Video & Talks About Her Upcoming Album

We ❤️ Lizzo. We’re excited for her new album and loving her new song.

7 Tips On How To Do Coachella From Home

For those of you like us who can enjoy Coachella from the comfort of your home, we’re here to give you some tips on how to do “Couchella.”

Camila Cabello Writes An Open Letter About How The Paparazzi Made Her Feel

We love Camila Cabello and applaud just how honest and raw her open letters are. The paparazzi needs to leave her alone

Shawn Mendes Talks About Camila Cabello’s Reacted To His New Song

What did Camila Cabello think of Shawn Mendes new song? He gave some insight

Big Hit Music Gives Updates On The Legal Action They Are Taking On Behalf of BTS

Lets all be honest with each other, the internet is a toxic place. One that is both equal parts terrifying and well scary AF. It’s a place where people seem to feel empowered by the anonymity of hiding behind a…

Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Recognize Her Own Song

Kelly Clarkson is an icon. She’s been through the ringer, but it’s never stopped her from being authentically herself. And to be honest, we’ve loved that. We’ve loved that she’s so passionate, honest, and relatable. We also love her music.…

Taylor Swift Talks About Why She Wanted Dylan O’Brien For ‘All To Well’ Short Film

Why did Taylor Swift want Dylan O’Brien in the #AllToWell Short Film? The queen broke it down…