Taylor Swift Hints To What She’ll Be Performing On ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Weekend

well, we don’t always watch #SNL live, but for you #TaylorSwift, we will. Especially if you are performing this…

The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

#RedTaylorsVersion is here & the internet has a lot of feelings & the one thing that we all can agree on is that this album is đź’Ż

A Preview Of Adele’s CBS Special Has Been Released

Adele + New Album = Oprah Interview and Concert Special. We approve

Ed Sheeran Answers The Question Why He Hasn’t Collabed With Adele

There are things that I think of and things that the internet brings to my attention and I am like why didn’t I think of that? When I think of music there are quite a few people that I love…

Camila Cabello Releases Her Cover Of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’

Camila Cabello singing ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ is everything we needed for the holiday cheer.

Mariah Carey Releases New Song For Christmas Time…

It’s no #AllIWantForChristmasIsYou, but it’ll do…

Mariah Carey Reminds Us All What Time Of Year It Is

When Mariah Carey declares that it’s Christmas time, it is Christmas time. We don’t make the rules. Pop culture does.

Lorde Talks About The Loneliness Of The Pandemic

The pandemic has been lonely and isolating. Singer Lorde talked about just how much in her recent newsletter. Read what she had to say.

Ed Sheeran Already Has A Fifth Album Ready To Go

#EdSheeran’s new album is out, but what’s that you say? He already has another one ready to go?

Adele Announces Two Concert Dates For 2022

A trip to London may be on the horizon, because we don’t miss the chance to see Adele.

Ben Barnes’s EP ‘Songs For You’ Is Climbing The Charts

It has been almost two weeks since Shadow and Bone star Ben Barnes released his debut EP Songs For You. The EP which Ben himself has dubbed as “Old Soul Pop” has been on heavy rotation for us since it…

Ben Barnes’s EP ‘Songs For You’ Is A Soulful Throwback

The day has finally arrived.  After 20 long years, Ben Barnes has released his own music.  His EP Songs For You just dropped and it was worth the wait.  Ben has done something amazing with his first musical release and…

We’ll Never Be Over The Music Video For ‘Ghost’

Still crying over this music video. You hit us all where it hurts #JustinBieber and we love it. This music video is amazing.

Jesy Nelson Talks About Leaving ‘Little Mix’

Jesy Nelson opened up in if she talks to her former #LittleMix bandmates. And we kinda really understand her answer.

Dolly Parton Lets Nas Know What She Thinks Of The Rappers Cover Of ‘Jolene’

If #DollyParton knew our name, we’d cry. And then we’d faint. And we’d probably do like #LilNasX and tweet HOLY SH*T

See The Trailer For BTS And Coldplay’s Song ‘My Universe’

You need to listen to this video by #Coldplay and #BTS. It will bring you joy.

Jesy Nelson Posts Teaser For Her Upcoming Single, ‘Boyz’

Jesy Nelson + Nicki Minaj = 🎶 we can’t wait for!

See The Trailer For ‘Britney vs. Spears’

#BritneyVsSpears… we’re hoping that it focuses on new information and now a way to just bring up the things we all know. See the trailer

Billie Eilish Talks About Her Issue With The Word “Fan”

fan is definitely a weird word. it’s so simple and yet so complex. but what’ is Billie Eilish’s issue with the word?

Ben Barnes’s New Song ’11:11′ Is Giving Us All The Feels

The day has finally arrived. Ben Barnes’s first song off his upcoming EP ‘Songs For You’ has been released and we haven’t stopped listening to it since. Back in August, on Ben Barnes’s 40th birthday he announced that he would…

Liam Payne Pulls A Tik Tok Out Of Drafts

Liam Payne made a joke and we kinda think he may actually be funny. Who knew?