Ed Sheeran Announces New Album, “=”

We’re always up for new music, but especially when it comes from Ed Sheeran. The singer/songwriter announced his new album today. Read more about it here!

Dolly Parton Talks About The Credit She Gets For Helping To Fund The Moderna Vaccine

Dolly Parton may think she gets more credit than she deserves for investing in the Moderna vaccine, but we don’t think she gets enough.

Fangirlish ‘Shadow and Bone’ Playlist for The Crows

We’re back with another Shadow and Bone Playlist. This time we’ve put one together four our favorite misfits; The Crows. Take a look!

Fangirlish Playlist for ‘Shadow and Bone’s’ Jesper Fahey

We love a good Shadow and Bone playlist. This time around we’re showing our precious baby Jesper some love with our latest one.

Is A Ben Barnes Music Album Coming?

If you’ve been a fan of Ben Barnes for a long time, then you know he’s a talented actor and he can also sing. Will he release an album soon?

Halsey To Put On Special Live Performance of ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’

The Era of Halsey’s fourth album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power is upon us and we have a special performance coming. We’re celebrating!

The Friendship Between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds & Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️

The friendship between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift is ❤️❤️. Ryan discussed Taylor using his daughter’s names in a song.

It’s Always Great To Have Someone Understand You

I don’t envy anyone with the fame that people like Billie Ellish and Justin Bieber have. Everyone scrutinizing every move that they make, everything that they say. It’s too much. With the world staring at you and judging every moment,…

Taylor Swift Narrated An Olympic Video About Simone Biles

“But don’t you see, she is perfectly human,” Taylor continued in the video. “And that is what makes it so easy to call her a hero.”

Ariana Grande Is ‘Vaxxed And Masked’

Get vaccinated. Save Lives. It’s not that complicated. And use your voice to encourage others to get vaccinated also.

Halsey Releases Second Trailer For ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’

Halsey really knows how to keep us all on our toes.  A second trailer for their IMAX film, inspired by their upcoming fourth album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power was just released.  We were already excited for…

Justin Bieber Praises Simone Biles Olympic Decision, As WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING

Justin Bieber sends his love and support to Simone Biles, and we applaud. She needs support now, not judgement. We love you Simone!

We Love A Good Country Song

We love a good song. Have you heard the new breakup song from Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean? It’s a great one!

NSYNC Once Again Forgets Not Everything Has To Be On The Internet

The men of NSYNC are really, really hoping to remain relevant, but what some are proving is their desperation for attention. And it’s sad.

The Internet Isn’t Thrilled With ‘NSYNC’s Tweet About Britney

Part of me feels bad for the other members of #NSYNC cause after how #Timberlake treated Britney, no one wants to hear them say shit.

Twitter Brings Out the Spongebob Memes in Response to Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby”

Twitter really out here and doing the most with these Spongebob Squarepants reactions to Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby.”

Olivia Wilde Is Asked About The Rumor She Married Harry Styles

We love Olivia Wilde and her tell it like it is, stay out of my business, don’t ask me that vibe. What can we say, we love, love

Britney Spears Ex, Jason Alexander Needs To Go Away…

Some people just don’t know how to go away and stay away. We’re looking at you Jason Alexander.

Halsey is taking us to the movies with their upcoming album

Just when we think Halsey can’t surprise us anymore, she does.  Just this past Wednesday (July 7th), Halsey revealed the cover art and release date for her fourth album, If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power.  Before we even…

Halsey Reveals Cover Art And Release Date For Her Fourth Album

If you are a Halsey fan like we are then we know you were just as excited as us to see the cover art and get a release date for her fourth album.  We have told you time and time…

Sofia Carson Releases Music Video For “He Loves Me, But…”

Sofia Carson has been dropping some great music. We’re loving her new music video for “He Loves Me, But…”