We’re Getting An R-Rated Version Of Jessica M. Thompson’s ‘The Invitation’

Can’t stop thinking about The Invitation directed by Jessica M. Thompson? Good news: There’s an R-rated version coming soon.

‘The Invitation’ Movie Review: The Vampire Film We’ve Been Waiting For

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The Official Trailer For ‘The Invitation’ Has Finally Arrived And We Have RSVP’D

“You are cordially invited to a nightmare generations in the making.” We love a good vampire story, and they are so rare. Recently though, it feels as if vampires for lack of a better word are being reborn. With films…

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Nathalie Emmanuel & Garrett Hedlund Set To Star In Horror Pic ‘The Bride’

I love vampires, but what I love even more is a good vampire movie or TV show. This is the thing, I am very particular about my vampires. I absolutely hate vampire stories where they are created after a genetic…