The Cast Of ‘Redeeming Love’ Participates In A Q&A

There are some books that stick with you. Personally, I have never been the biggest fan of historical fiction, but I have read Redeeming Love. Now, knowing that it has been adapted to a movie, will I watch it? The…

‘Love Hard’ Review: Reminding Us It’s What On The Inside That Matters

#LoveHard is a cute rom-com at face value. But what we’re left with is a movie with a lack of character growth and the big question – WHY DID SHE STAY?

See New Pictures For ‘Love Hard’

Tis the season! Does anything matter right now besides all of the greatness that we are about to experience with the onset of Christmas movies. And one that we’re definitely looking forward to is Love Hard, which premieres tomorrow on…

Nina Dobrev Makes Directing Debut With Her Own Short Film

Nina Dobrev has made her directing debut with her short film, The One. Read what she had to say about directing!

Netflix Releases Pictures And Release Date For ‘Love Hard’

We’ve been waiting for this movie! #LoveHard finally has a release date and some first look pics!

Best Friends Nina Dobrev and Juliana Hough Launch ‘Fresh Vine Wine’

I love Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough’s friendship. I may not be a wine drinker, but because they’ve started a brand I am probably gonna buy it.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Are “Instagram Official”

I think it’s funny that when you are in a relationship, there are varying levels of being official. Well at least to the social media world. There is Facebook Official, Instagram Official, and quite frankly if Twitter Official becomes a…

Fandom Doppelgängers: Do You Think They Look Alike?

If you’re anything like me, you have a strange habit of seeing celebrity faces everywhere you go. Some of you may even get told rather frequently that you look like a certain celeb (I get told too often I look…