‘The Bad Luck Bridesmaid: A Novel’ Optioned By Working Title

The Bad Luck Bridesmaid isn’t even out yet and it’s been optioned. Read about the book here!

‘Holding Up The Universe’ Optioned For Film

We love when a book is optioned for film, especially one that we love as much as Holding Up The Universe.

‘Aurora Rising’ Optioned For Television By MGM

Another book. Another option. To be honest, this book has been out, but I haven’t read it. It’s sitting on my side table. However, Aurora Rising has been a book that all my friends are talking about. The book, which…

’10 Blind Dates’ Film Rights Snatched Up By Kaplan Entertainment

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the resurgence of teen rom-com’s. I am loving the contemporary stories that are being optioned and making their way to the screen. We all love To All The Boys I’ve Loved…

The Gotham Group Options ‘Stay Up With Hugo’

Now you know we love a good book and love a good movie. We’re always full of hope that the book will be adapted with love, care, and respect. We’re always hopeful that the adaptation will be as the book.…