How could I start but with that quote? What else that was said in this episode sort of encompasses the whole of this journey – a journey that, just as the season four premiere, titled “America the Beautiful” has been, at times, slow and arduous, happy, passionate, hopeful and utterlyRead More →


If there is one thing that we are looking forward to it’s the return of Outlander. Jamie and Claire have our hearts, and we’re okay with it. Consider us trash for Outlander. We’re not ashamed. With the season right around the corner, Starz has started to tease us and we’re hereRead More →

Jamie and Claire are ready to change the world, or is the world about to change them? Either way, things are certain to change for our favorite couple. And we’re not just talking about the setting. Season 4, which is based on Drums of Autumn, the fourth novel in DianaRead More →

We’re always on the edge of the seat waiting for more Outlander news. Can we get to the point where it’s time for the new season? Is it too much to ask for? The poster for the upcoming fourth season has premiered. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are the onlyRead More →

Droughtlander is almost over! Season 3 is the past! Outlander Season 4 has an exact premiere date! The time-travel drama will return to Starz on November 4th, which yes, is still more than two months away, but hey, at least we have a date! The series stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam HeughanRead More →

Outlander concluded it’s third season this week and let’s just say it was the farthest thing from smooth sailing. The series delivers a monumental season finale as Claire and Jamie rush to save Young Ian from Geillis Duncan in Jamaica. While Jamie and Claire have been in perilous situations before,Read More →

Outlander Season 3 just ended – and just as we’re getting ready for Droughtlander, we get this: a Season 4 trailer. And boy, does it feel like air. And also, like a new, particularly harsh kind of pain, cause now we’re even more (is that even possible?) excited about Season 4Read More →

This episode could very well be called “Ghosts of The Past” because damn, EVERYONE showed up in Jamaica. Jamie and Claire finally land on Jamaica in search of Young Ian, but it’s not as easy as simply finding the house he’s in. With little time before Captain Leonard arrives and arrestRead More →

Can I just take a moment to bow down to the incredible Caitriona Balfe?! Because this episode of Outlander was carried on her back and swiftly became one of my favorite episodes this season. The last episode ended with Claire jumping off the ship in hopes of warning Jamie in JamaicaRead More →

This episode of Outlander picks up right where the last one left off. Claire is aboard The Porpoise treating an infectious plague when it begins to move. The ship decides to make haste for Jamaica and that Claire will be safely returned to Jamie and The Artemis then. Of course, thisRead More →

We’ve hit the high seas on Outlander and we’re already off to a rocky start. This week’s episode picks up where last week’s left off. Young Ian has been captured and is being taken to Jamaica. So of course, Jamie and Claire set off on the adventure of a lifetime toRead More →

Have you ever had your heart hurt so much during an episode of TV? “Heartache” is our one word review for this latest episode of Outlander. After a fire at the print shop in Edinburgh, Jamie and Claire head back to Lallybroch with Young Ian. This homecoming isn’t met with warmRead More →

Yes, I’m still reeling from “A. Malcolm.” Yes, I have watched the episode probably fifty times. Alright, now that we’ve cleared up where I stand, how are you guys doing? Have you managed to lift yourself out of the print shop hole like I have? Good, okay! Now, onto thisRead More →

I’m writing this from beyond the grave because yes, like most of you predicted, Outlander’s Print Shop episode killed me. The 20 year reunion between Jamie and Claire was everything I could’ve hoped for as a book reader, as a TV fan, and as a shipper. This episode was three seasonsRead More →

Season Four of Outlander is starting to take shape. Starz announced today that they’d cast Maria Doyle Kennedy (“Orphan Black,” “The Tudors”) to portray Jocasta, Jamie’s strong willed Aunt and Ed Speleers (“Wolf Hall,” “Downton Abbey”) to play the role of Irishman Stephen Bonnet, a pirate and smuggler. Filming for Season 4 of OutlanderRead More →

We are one step closer to the infamous “Print Shop” scene and I literally have zero chill. Outlander dives deep into the idea of impossible choices for Claire and Brianna. While Jamie isn’t present until the very end of the episode, his memory drives a major of the plot. Outlander’s latest episodeRead More →