See the first official photo for The CW’s ‘Powerpuff’

The CW released its first promo photo for Powerpuff. We take a look and share our excitement for this new series!

Robin Lively Joins The Cast Of ‘Powerpuff’

There have been two additions to the Powerpuff cast and one of them fans of The Powerpuff Girls may recognize.

‘Powerpuff’ Has Started Filming In Atlanta

The first pics from #Powerpuff are here. Ah fandom, you are amazing. See the pics and let us know what you think of the costumes!

Dove Cameron Talks About Starring In ‘Powerpuff’

i keep a lot of secrets and have signed a lot NDA’s, but I would always love to tell world everything. So I get you Dove. It’s hard.

‘Powerpuff’ Adds Nicholas Podany As Mojo Jojo Jr.

The upcoming CW #Powerpuff looks like it’s going to be amazing – judging by its casting. See who is playing Mojo Jojo Jr!

‘Powerpuff’ Stars Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet and Yana Perrault Have An Instagram Live

We are looking forward to the live action show based off of #ThePowerpuffGirls. See the girls together on Dove’s Insta Live!

‘Powerpuff’ Casts Its Professor Drake Utonium

Professor Drake Utonium has been cast in #powerpuff and we’re all for this. it’s a good one.