Courteney Cox’s Instagram Is Better Than Yours…Sorry, Not Sorry

Courteney Cox has one of the best celebrity Instagrams, if not *the* best one. And stop asking who the best Friends cast member is. It’s her.

Shining Vale Season 2 Is Coming To Haunt You…

We’ve been waiting for news on Shining Vale Season 2 since the second we finished the first season. And here it is!

‘Shining Vale’ 1×08 Review: “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×08 “Chapter Eight – We Are Phelps” was the epic, inevitable conclusion to a season of television that has truly had it all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×07 Review: “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions”

Shining Vale 1×07 “Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions” offered a masterclass in performance and pure…messiness.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×06 Review: “Chapter Six – Whispering Hope”

Shining Vale 1×06 “Chapter Six – Whispering Hope” started out on the brightest note…and ended up on one of the series’ darkest images yet.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×05 Review: “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew”

Shining Vale 1×05 “Chapter Five – The Squirrel Knew” was destined to be one of our favorite episodes. Why? Two words: Judith Light.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×04 Review: “Chapter Four – So Much Blood”

Shining Vale 1×04 “Chapter Four – So Much Blood” gave Pat the final reveal on Rosemary’s origins, tragedy and all.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×03 Review: “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper”

Shining Vale 1×03 “Chapter Three – The Yellow Wallpaper” finally gave a name to Pat Phelps’ ghost-slash-muse: Rosemary.

‘Shining Vale’ 1×02 Review: “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night”

Basically, Shining Vale 1×02 “Chapter Two – She Comes at Night” had us at “yes, we’re exposing these double standards for men and women.”

‘Shining Vale’ 1×01 Review: “Chapter One – Welcome to Casa De Phelps”

Shining Vale 1×01 “Welcome to Casa De Phelps” was the perfect setup for this new, completely bonkers series.

‘Shining Vale’ Advance Review

Shining Vale literally needed only two phrases, made up of four words, to get us interested: “horror comedy” and Courteney Cox.