TikTok Star Remi Bader Reveals She Will Be Seeking Treatment For Binge Eating Disorder

TikTok star Remi Bader is an all around inspiration. Her vulnerability is inspiring and will help others. She’s revealed that she is seeking treatment for binge eating disorder

Gwen Stefani Confirms Her Return As A Judge For Season 22 Of ‘The Voice’

Bring it on! #TeamGwen is back b**ches! See how the singer announced her return to #TheVoice.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Has Wrapped Filming On Its First Season

Season 1 of #PLLOriginalSin has wrapped filming. We’re still meh about the reboot. Are you?

Sofia Carson Releases Video For ‘It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies’

We love music and we love a good music video. Sofia Carson’s latest has a familiar face in it

Hailey Bieber Talks About Her Health In A Powerful Video

Speaking from experience, blood clots are terrifying. You don’t know what is happening, but you know that something is, and you can’t control your body. Hailey Bieber experienced a blood clot earlier this year and while we new it happened,…

Keke Palmer Posts On Social Media About An Uncomfortable Fan Encounter

Keke Palmer speaks out about a fan encounter and well, guys, we all need to remember that celebrities are people too. We have to give them privacy.

Lizzo Talks About Her Friendship With Adele

Friendship is the best ship and that is a hill that we will die on. Friends support each other, lift each other up, and make us see the best in ourselves. Quite frankly, if a friend doesn’t do that you…

Jamie Dornan Doesn’t Regret Starring In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

We all can have a lot of regrets in life. It’s normal. But our regrets may not be the things that people think. Jamie Dornan proves that.

Selena Gomez Comments On Her Weight

Selena Gomez is reminding us all – people are going to judge – but hey, you should still do you. They’re gonna talk anyways.

Chase Stokes Fires Back After Receiving Death Threats Over Posting A Picture With His Sister

With some people they feel like having a social media account gives them the right to say anything. News flash – it doesn’t.

Halle Bailey Addresses The Rumors Of Her Getting Breast Implants

Bodies are constantly changing. But you know what – you should probably always STFU when it comes to other peoples bodies.

Why Did Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Break Up In 2004?

Why did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up back in the day? Well, we’ve always wondered, but she’s talking about it.

Hailey Bieber Talks About What Inspired Her To Start A Skin Care Line

Another celebrity skin care brand and we admit we though we’re overwhelmed with all the celebrity products, we’ll probably try this one

#Bennifer Is Engaged And We’re Thrilled

#Bennifer is engaged and our hearts believe in love again.

Everyone Seems To Be Talking About Ashley Tisdale Buying 400 Books

Sometimes people say things and they go viral and it’s shit that we shouldn’t care about…

Britney Spears Returns To Instagram

Britney Spears returns to Instagram and tells people how it is…

We love her bluntness

A Fan Posts TikTok Sitting On A Plane Next To Tom Holland

Imagine you’re sitting on a plane minding your own business, when you realize that you’re sitting next to Tom Holland. It happened

Dolly Parton Once Again Proves That She Is A National Treasure

No surprise that Dolly Parton is a national treasure. What she’s doing now is going to change peoples lives and more people should be like her!

Hailey Bieber’s Pizza Toast Is The Latest Viral Recipe

The latest viral recipe comes from Hailey Bieber. How do you make your #pizzatoast?

Taron Egerton Dancing In A Towel Is Everything You Need Today

We were just scrolling through Instagram and saw this and well…
you’re welcome

Austin Butler Meets Ashley Tisdale’s Baby Girl

We love a life long friendship and these two have had a special friendship for awhile. But this may be one of the most special moments they’ve had