This is like Christmas for us, Blindspot fans!. With a new and interesting episode of our favorite show on the horizon and after the publication of the 3×06 photos, here are the photos and the synopsis of episode 3×07 entitled “Fix My Present Havoc.” Here we go!. It seems that Christmas hasRead More →


There was no Blindspot last week, and we can’t wait to see the next episode of our favorite show. To tide us over, here are the promotional photos and the synopsis of the following episode 3×05 titled “This Profound Legacy”. Here we go!. PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS In the photos we can see thatRead More →

We’ve started another Blindspot week! NBC hasn’t wasted any time and they have released the official photos of episode 3×04, titled “Gunplay Ricochet.” They’re some interesting photos and we’re going to analyze them, as well as the synopsis. Here we go!. In the pictures we can see the whole team on aRead More →

With a new week comes new information about Blindspot!. NBC did not waste any time, right after releasing the 3×02 photos, they published the promotional photos for the next episode – 3×03 – titled “Upside Down Craft.” The photos in themselves don’t say too much, however, that’s not the case with theRead More →

When we last left The Flash, Barry Allen made the decision to go back in time and save his mother, which left catastrophic consequences for the life he’d built. Basically, Barry messed everything up. Again. So what lies in store for Barry Allen with Flashpoint in season three? The CWRead More →

The race is on to save Thea in the penultimate episode of Arrow season four. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 4×22 of Arrow titled “Lost in the Flood,” (airing May 18) which features Oliver and Diggle racing to save Thea from something we’ve yet to seeRead More →

Since the season premiere, Arrow has been teasing a major character death this season. And from set photos that indicate a funeral to be in episode 4×19, this indicates that the death is happening in episode 18. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 4×18 of Arrow titledRead More →

What happens when you get left behind in the past? We’re about to find out when three of our Legends find themselves abandoned in the past. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 1×09 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow titled “Left Behind,” which features a tease that Sara,Read More →

Felicity Smoak’s nemesis that we met on The Flash — Bug-Eyed Bandit — has her sights set on our favorite blonde hero in an upcoming episode of Arrow. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 4×17 of Arrow titled “Beacon of Hope,” which features the return of theRead More →

A new speedster is coming to Central City — but can the fastest man alive keep up? The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 2×16 of The Flash titled “Trajectory,” which features the debut of this new, female speedster — who happens to be up to no goodRead More →

Well the mystery of the Oliver and Felicity wedding photo has been revealed. And it’s not something that’s going to make us happy. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 4×16 of Arrow titled “Broken Hearts,” which features the return of Cupid who is setting her sights on destroyingRead More →

One “legend of tomorrow” is headed back in time to Central City. The CW has released an official synopsis for episode 1×03 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow titled “Blood Ties,” which features Captain Cold visiting his past, Sara Lance and Rip Hunter go after Vandal Savage, as well as aRead More →