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Like many things in this season, we thought they were going to wrap up #TheEndgame in a happy bow, but the ending set up a second season perfectly

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Doak will never learn that he’s a patsy and is legitimately worse than most of the criminals, because he’s only out for himself.

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NBC’s The Endgame is such a complex show. Every episode from beginning to end is filled with twists and turns and every little detail has to be considered. Each week Elena tells Val a story and every week we find…

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#TheEndgame puts women front and center, making them the bosses and the ones in control. We’re loving this so much.

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#TheEndgame continues to mind f*ck us and we’re still here. We’re still like do whatever you will to us show, we’re invested AF!

‘The Endgame’ 1×02 Preview Guide: “Fairytale Wedding”

Our new favorite show, The Endgame. We’re not even going to say that we know what is happening or what the objective is, but we’re not picky. We’re getting Killing Eve meets Blindspot meets shit we didn’t know we needed…

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NBC’s The Endgame wants us to bow down to the queen Morena Baccarin, and we’re more than willing to do it.