These ‘Encanto’ Inspired Nails Have Us Obsessed

Encanto has been inspiring everyone all over the internet, particularly on TikTok. And we’re not just talking about people making TikTok’s about how hot they thing Bruno is. There’s also the people who start making things and getting creative. Some…

Brilliant Scream TikTok ARG Slashes Expectations, Has Us Asking: #SaveWoodsboro or Save Sarah and Ash?

In 1996, Scream totally rewrote the rules for horror movies. In 2022, the unique Scream TikTok ARG has completely rewritten the rules for marketing a movie.

TikTok Agrees That the Best Part of ‘The Witcher’ Was Geralt & Ciri

The Witcher season 2 built on the father/daughter relationship of Geralt & Ciri and TikTok is here to remind you of how much we loved it!

TikTok Thinks Bruno from ‘Encanto’ is Hot, and Same

Look, TikTok thinks that Bruno Madrigal from Encanto is hot and who are we to judge? In fact, we might join them!

Scream’s TikTok ARG Is Killing It

The newest Scream is coming soon but not soon enough. Luckily, there’s a great way for you to kill the time between now and its January 14 release: Hop on TikTok and spend some time with user “@TooBrAshSarah.” Who is…

TikTok Has a Hot Guy in Kilts You Need to Know About

Seriously, this isn’t clickbait. There’s a guy on TikTok who wears kilts and looks extremely hot in them. And who is this mystery man?

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Our Favorite TikToks of the Year

TikTok is a treasure trove of content that keeps giving and we’ve put together a list of our favorite ones from 2021.

The TikTok Ringlight Challenge is Full of Hot People, Period

The TikTok ring light challenge is really over here making us thirst over back muscles and we’re not complaining.

Steve from ‘Blue’s Clues’ is on TikTok & His Latest Video is Precious

Steve Burns latest video on TikTok is exactly what we needed after Thanksgiving and you should be watching.

TikTok is Still Thirsting Over Oscar Isaac in ‘Dune’ As They Should

TikTok is still thirsting over Oscar Isaac in ‘Dune’ and honestly, same. Check out some of our favorite ones here!

‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks About Her Mental Health Struggles

#Riverdale star #LiliReinhart opened up in a TikTok about who helps her with getting out of bed on tough days. Hint: He’s a Cutie!

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” Has TikTok Thirsting Like Crazy

From Tony Leung to Viggo Mortensen and Brendan Fraser, these TikTok’s are unapologetically thirsty and we love them.

8 TikToks Still Thirsting Over Jotun Loki from ‘What If…?’ and Honestly, Same

TikTok is still thirsting over Jotun Loki from that very special episode of “What If…?” and honestly…same!

TikTok is Thirsting Over Over ‘Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu As They Should

Simu Liu from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has TikTok thirsting over him as they should this unicorn of a human being.

This ‘Avengers’ Wedding Theme Song Will Make You Cry

Ever wondered what the Avengers song would sound like if made into a wedding procession? TikToker AJ Rafael has you covered!

Watch This Man on TikTok Swoon Over Idris Elba, Tom Ellis, and More

There’s nothing hotter than a man waxing poetic about the majestic beauty of Idris Elba, Tom Ellis, and so many more!

From Studio Ghibli to Harry Potter, This TikTok is Full of Minimalistic Fandom Tattoo Ideas

From Studio Ghibli to Harry Potter, this TikTok is full of minimalistic tattoo ideas for plenty of fandoms and then some!

Taylor Swift Has Joined TikTok

We have tried to stay away from TikTok but now that Taylor’s joined, you can find us hitting refresh all the time.

TikTok Star WatchMaggiePaint Does Stunning Wedding Paintings That Will Make You Cry

TikTok star Maggie Smith Kuhn (WatchMaggiePaint) does stunning wedding paintings that will make you cry and then some!

From Loki to Geralt of Rivia, “Name Something You Might Hurt Yourself Riding?” TikToks Are Hot

I’m going to do a quick and dirty intro because you’re not here for me talking. You’re here for the hot people and the TikToks that make you fan yourself. Thanks to TikTok user amanda_r87, we have a multitude of…

NSYNC Once Again Forgets Not Everything Has To Be On The Internet

The men of NSYNC are really, really hoping to remain relevant, but what some are proving is their desperation for attention. And it’s sad.