Jason Momoa in Early Talks to Star in ‘Minecraft’ Movie Adaptation

Jason Momoa apparently is in early talks to star in the live-action adaptation of the popular video game Minecraft.

#WayBackWednesday – Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

With the Mortal Kombat reboot coming out this Friday, April 23, and me having covered the original Mortal Kombat in the inaugural #WayBackWednesday, I felt it only appropriate to cover the 1997 sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation for today’s #WayBackWednesday. I…

#WayBackWednesday – TRON (1982)

Is “Disney cyberpunk classic” a phrase you’ve never read? Learn more by checking out this week’s #WayBackWednesday film–TRON (1982).

#WayBackWednesday – The Wizard (1989)

Happy Mar10 Day! With today being March 10 (Mario Day), I felt it would be appropriate to dig into a movie featuring Nintendo’s poster boy–1989’s The Wizard starring Fred Savage. Did you catch The Wizard back in the day? I…

Fangirlish Exclusive with Shuyan Star Kristin Kreuk

The world of gaming is ever changing, rapidly progressing and conjuring new and fascinating concepts to the thrill of gamers worldwide. It is no longer simply single dimensional characters attempting to save a princess from a monster. Now, the worlds…