30 Times We Fell in Love with Westallen may seem like a lot, but it would be a disservice to do anything less for the Gold Standard.Read More →


“Wheel of morality, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we must learn.” This week’s episode of The Flash let Cisco take center stage as he investigated the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Some shows use a theme as a subtle underpinning to the plot, expertly woven between storylines. OtherRead More →

“I could never make the choice to leave you. But if my death is the only way to save the universe, to save you? I’m willing to do that.” If Westallen fans thought they would get a break from having their heart ripped out this season, then “A Flash ofRead More →

It’s rare that a show becomes refreshed and rejuvenated six seasons in. That’s just what happened with the premiere of The Flash. New show runner Eric Wallace has indicated there several changes this year. All of which promise to breathe new life into the show. (Among them, that the veryRead More →

I’m going to be pretty honest, here. After last season of The Flash, I considered telling the editors of Fangirlish that I was dropping the show. The last two seasons have been a bit of a hot mess in several ways that ultimately served as a disservice to the charactersRead More →

It’s that time of year again, when shows head to San Diego Comic Con, and we start to get our first real glimpses into what our favorite shows will bring us this season. Fans of ‘The Flash’ are particularly interested to see what changes the new show runner, Eric Wallace,Read More →

As any Westallen fan – and Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Todd Helbing themselves – will tell you, the relationship between Barry Allen and Iris West(-Allen) of The Flash is unique. In a medium that often values drama over strength, love triangles over mutual love and support, they stand apart.Read More →

Alyssa asked me to write the review for The Flash’s episode this week. For the record, nobody can prove I did anything nefarious to her so that I could write a review of what turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. And I definitelyRead More →

The Olympics are over, but the race is still on. Only there aren’t medals involved. It’s life and death and a lot of metahumans. The Flash returned with a country twang and a foreign feeling — a feeling that involved liking Ralph Dibney and actually feeling sorry for the guy.Read More →

Ever since the “Mixed Signals” episode of this season’s The Flash, there have been people (calling some of them “fans” verges on overstatement) who have taken exception to Iris’s line: “You aren’t the Flash, Barry. We are.” For the past few months, I’ve happily ignored these detractors with little moreRead More →

When it comes to midseason finales, you’re expecting it to go down. You know there’s going to be a cliffhanger. You know something is going to seem beyond hopeless. You know that the bad guy, for however a short time, is going to feel victorious. But in The Flash’s midseasonRead More →