Are you ready for more Joe Goldberg? Because we are! It was just announced by Deadline that Netflix has renewed the twisty series for a third season.  Season 3 is set for a 10 episode run, with the release coming in 2021. Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will reprise theirRead More →


In just a few short days, we will get a nice holiday break during Christmas.  If you’re anything like me then you are definitely counting down the days till you get to just lay around in your comfy clothes with zero plans.  You know what will make that break evenRead More →

We all need to be thankful to Netflix for helping us explain to our families why we are single and not dating. YOU is a caution sign – it’s the way that we’re able to justify the fact that we don’t want to be involved with anyone because people areRead More →

You season two is coming! It has just been announced that season two of You based on Caroline Kepnes series of the same name will be returning to Netflix on December 26th, yup that’s right, the day after Christmas.  Talk about an antidote to clear out all of that HolidayRead More →

There is nothing in life that has scared me about social media more than the television show, YOU. I mean it also scared me into buying curtains, but that’s a different story. Except it’s not, cause I mean, Beck, why didn’t you have curtains? This is New York and everyoneRead More →

Lifetime released the first trailer for YOU and it’s fantastic. The things we do for love? Oh Joe… If you haven’t picked up Caroline Kepnes book, YOU, well… you have missed one of the literary genuises of our time. She’s the type of writer that keeps you captivated from theRead More →

We love the girls from Pretty Little Liars and we’ll always follow them to whatever they do next. Maybe that’s part of why we’re so excited that Shay Mitchell is joining the cast of an adaptation that we can’t wait for. Shay Mitchell has joined the adaptation of You onRead More →