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Supergirl – You Winn Some, You Lose Some

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  1. Jack says:

    I have a major problem with this article.

    That is not how Winn is portrayed AT ALL. He is not entitled, he is not selfish: he has one of the kindest hearts on television, and he’s done more for Kara than any of her other love interests. He’s dedicated hours of his own personal time, before and after work, to look at police scanners and news networks in order to help her and ensure she’s safe, to kick start her career as Supergirl.

    Without Winn, there is no Supergirl. It’s as simple as that.

    He was in a very bad emotional place when he kissed her. However, he immediately apologised, removed himself from the situation, and refused to let Kara brush it aside, reiterating again that he was in the wrong.

    He took a few days away from their friendship in order to set his feelings straight, feelings that, up until that point, he’d been struggling with alone for almost three years. That type of thing does not simply blow over after one rejection: he had an incredibly mature reaction, was never cold or uncaring or guilt-tripped Kara because she didn’t like him. Just three episodes later they, once again, refer to themselves as best friends.

    Their bond is unlike any other pairing on the show, and James was such a shitty attempt at a love interest that he doesn’t even compare to Winn. Just in the third episode he makes it clear to her and to us that he doesn’t believe in her by calling Superman in because he doesn’t believe she can handle Reactron on her own.

    Without Winn, there is no Supergirl. This is the hill I am willing to die on, and I cannot ever agree with any of the points made in this excuse for an article.

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