‘The X-Files’ 10×05 Review “Babylon”

Let’s start off by saying that The X-Files isn’t afraid to cover any topic that comes it’s way. In this revival of the series they’ve made it a point of addressing issues that affect our world today and technologies that we are afforded. “Babylon” showed the extremes of hate and how misinformation can lead you down dangerous paths. Over the episode we were shown that common language and an understanding can be reached when similar ground is discovered. Its there. We just have to open our hearts and listen.

This episode was also a pass at testing out a great formula with a new and younger cast. Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose guest starred as two agents who share our leads attributes, down to the same hair color. Lauren, who plays Agent Einstein, is the younger generations Scully who is skeptical of everything her partner throws at her. She’s definitely more aggressive and sees Scully staying with Mulder as a weakness on her part. Robbie, who plays Agent Miller, is the tall, dark, and handsome new version of Mulder. He wants to believe and is willing to tread through uncharted territory to solve his cases. But did it work? I don’t think so. When Mulder and Scully first hit the scene they had this undeniable chemistry that could be seen with every flat and unbelieving look Scully threw at Mulder. The new agents felt bland and pushy, like the producers expected me to like it because it was the same formula. No, big mistake. Give me something new. We’re a smart audience who won’t accept recycled goods.


The Good

  • Scully quoting the classic Mulder line, “Nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted.” Moments like these are a throwback to the classics we love. And the look of glee on Scully’s face…PRICELESS.
  • Bringing in new blood. While I’m not excited about recycled goods, it was nice to see this generation’s agents. They’ve got plenty of advantages over Mulder and Scully. Like phones than fit in your pocket.
  • The Lumineers, “Ho Hey,” playing during the final scenes. Carter says that Mulder and Scully are platonic! Is he blind to what he’s created?! Does he not see what is staring at us right there?! Sure Carter. Smh.That’s why they went on a mid-day walk holding hands.


The Bad

  • It took a couple re-watches to understand what the episode was trying to get across. For people that can afford to do this that’s great. For normal people who can’t you’re left with a muddled mess that only a review or recap can solve.
  • Talk show yelling about hate in our nation left an unsettling feeling in my stomach. They weren’t discussing different points of views or trying to reach an understanding. It was all about having the upper hand and drowning out their opponent.


The Weird

  • Mulder’s overindulgence in the placebo effect was hilarious. It was full of sequences that made absolutely no sense (well in the beginning) and left us wondering what did he actually take? Was he just high on life? His cowboy dance off spoke of hidden desires to back-flip and party his night away. And the appearance of the Cigarette Smoking is foreshadowing of what’s to come in the season finale.
  • The passing of Scully’s mother made her more vulnerable and open to trying new things. Still I never expected her to offer her services to Agent Miller. Communicating with the dead/near dead, has been something close to her ever since she lay in a coma and when she saw her father’s spirit
  • Mulder hearing the sound of trumpets when Scully couldn’t was the most interesting bit of the episode. The sound of trumpets, according to the Christian faith, warn of the end of the current age. It was the fall of man and the beginning of the ‘apocalypse’. With what we saw of the finale trailer, it’s spot on. A plague is about to ravage the world with only the ones with alien DNA surviving.

The X-Files airs Mondays @ 8/7c on FOX.

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