’Code 8: Part II’ Reveals First Teaser Trailer & Key Art

Code 8: Part II is starting to become a reality! In the Geeked Week, Netflix shared the first teaser trailer and key art for the film.

Upload 3×03 Review: Cyber Discount Day

Well, I am going to need to understand what it is that I just watched, because if we’re being honest, I don’t know what UPLOAD has become. This episode felt out of place and as if Amazon was like, well,…

‘Upload’ 3×02 Review: Strawberry

TBH, I don’t even want to talk about episode two of Upload, because it made me sick. Like I grew up around cows and on a farm and like I never in my life will look at a cow the…

‘Upload’ 3×01 Review: Ticking Clock

When it comes to television, there aren’t many shows that I am obsessed with. I find myself not getting too involved with shows, because everything gets cancelled and I am left wondering how it ends. Hell, I am left wondering…

Leighton Meester & Robbie Amell Are Seeing Red in ‘EXmas’

Silent night? Not this holiday season! Amazon Freevee released EXmas trailer and first look and is awesome! Take a look.

The Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘UPLOAD’ Has Us Questioning So Much

We know that some say AI can be a good thing. Frankly it scares us, especially after #Upload & thinking of all the things it can do

Prime Video Sets Premiere Date & First-Look for ‘Upload’ Season 3

Prime Video announced that Upload Season 3 will premiere soon, with the official first-look images out now and we’re celebrating!

Prime Video Renews ‘Upload’ For Season 3

A third season of #Upload? Yes please. We’re excited.

‘Upload’ 2×04 Review: “Family Day”

Nathan knowing that Nora is back made us tear up. She’s gonna be the person to change everything – for everyone. We can feel it

‘Upload’ 2×03 Review: “Robin Hood”

For once, Ingrid is tolerable. But then again, it’s not really Ingrid, so that has helped.

‘Upload’ 2×02 Review: “Dinner Party”

When Noras avatar walked into the dinner party and seeing Nathans face… heart dropped to the floor

‘Upload’ 2×01 Review: “Welcome Back, Mr. Brown”

Well, #Upload has sure set it up so that there will be a lot of chaos and misunderstandings and we’re here for it.

See The Trailer For The Second Season Of ‘Upload’

Season 2 of #Upload is only 7 episodes and we feel like we’re going to need a lot more judging by this trailer. See it here.

Robbie Amell To Star In ‘Float’

Robbie Amell is going to be in a new movie, so we’ll read the book and watch cause it’s Robbie Amell

Amazon Prime’s ‘Upload’ Renewed For Season 2

I sat down to watch Upload the other day and barely left the couch. The show was fun, hilarious, and made me think. Also made me want to make sure that my conscious is never uploaded to a computer, and…

See The Trailer and First Photos For Amazon Prime’s ‘Upload’

Can we all just admit that we love Robbie Amell and will watch him in anything? I know it’s just not me. I am learning more and more about television shows coming out – because God knows when we’ll get…

Stephen and Robbie Amell’s ‘Code 8’ To Be A Series On Quibi

If you are like us, you love yourself some Amell’s. Doesn’t matter which one – they are all talented and if we’re being honest, easy on the eyes. You may recall that Robbie and Stephen Amell had a short film…

Lucy Hale and Robbie Amell To Headline Adaptation of ‘The Hating Game’

I’m always nervous about book to movie adaptations. To be honest most of the time I set my expectations low, because I know that I am going to be disappointed. It’s a sad but harsh truth. That being said –…

‘The X-Files’ Announces Casting News for Season 11

With The X-Files Season 11 set to premiere in 2018 it’s about time and filming starting just about now, it makes sense that we’d start getting out first casting announcements for the new season, other than, you know – Mulder,…

Robbie Amell Would Like to Return to the DCTV Universe

While his character has met a deadly end on both Earth-1 (Firestorm) and Earth-2 (as Deathstorm), Robbie Amell would like to return to the DC TV universe. While promoting his new project Code 8 with cousin Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell revealed…

‘The X-Files’ Season 10 Finale Review: My Struggle II

The X-Files is over and we’re not ok. Let’s talk about it. The X-Files season finale had an intro like no other. “My Struggle II” opened up with a recounting of Mulder and Scully’s journey through the paranormal and spooky.…