I wondered, for a long time, how this day would feel. The X-Files has meant so much to me for so long that I always figured the closing of this chapter in my life, the absolute certainty that this is it, there’s no going back, would be bittersweet, at best,Read More →


Chris Carter has a thing for repeating titles, as “My Struggle III” will attest to (and Redux II, The Sixth Extinction II, Nothing Important Happened Today II, etc). He also has a thing for complicated plot lines no one cares about or understands (see the whole “mythology” of The X-Files),Read More →

The X-Files is over and we’re not ok. Let’s talk about it. The X-Files season finale had an intro like no other. “My Struggle II” opened up with a recounting of Mulder and Scully’s journey through the paranormal and spooky. Photos and clips helped us remember their first time meeting,Read More →

Let’s start off by saying that The X-Files isn’t afraid to cover any topic that comes it’s way. In this revival of the series they’ve made it a point of addressing issues that affect our world today and technologies that we are afforded. “Babylon” showed the extremes of hate andRead More →

I always tend to judge episodes by the emotions they evoke in me. Sure, some episodes are better plotted, and some are better acted, but the mark of a brilliant episode, is in the emotions. My emotions, not the characters. By those standards, this episode of The X-Files wasn’t aRead More →

FOX sure knows how to up the stakes. Bring up the Alien DNA! On paper, debuting new footage for the last episode of this 6-episode revival of The X-Files during the Super Bowl was a bad idea. Everyone was busy watching the Half-Time Show, after all. Or, were they? Because, consideringRead More →

If you make them …they will watch? The expectation was: bring back a show like The X-Files, a cultural phenomenon back in the day, and enough people will watch that it’ll make it worthwhile. It won’t be a breakaway hit, but it’s at least something you don’t have to spendRead More →

Welcome back, The X-Files. Welcome back unexplained phenomena, welcome back Skinner with his awful poker face, welcome back Mulder jumping to conclusions. Welcome back, The X-Files. We’d really, really missed you. Episode Two couldn’t have been more different from the mythology-heavy episode one they tried. But, in this case, that’sRead More →