‘The Walking Dead’ 6×11 Review: “Knots Untie”

Jesus showed Alexandria that he trusted them by taking them to his community in The Walking Dead episode “Knots Untie.” Their world is bigger than expected and new opportunities are waiting around every corner. Hilltop and the Saviors join the Alexandrians in their journey for survival.

Let’s talk about it!


The Good: Maggie the Negotiator

Admittedly negotiator Maggie was a little slow in the beginning. She had this look on her face that basically said, “but dad I don’t want to talk with that jerk” when Rick gave her the go ahead to talk with the Hilltop leader Gregory. Before her death Deanna had been prepping her to become a benevolent, understanding, and firm leader. She’d always had strong influences in her life but having that mentor-ship was key in sustaining Alexandria in case anything ever happened to Deanna. Now that she’s gone the lessons Maggie was taught have to be implemented.

Maggie didn’t give in the face of uncertainty. Even when Gregory was being a misogynist pig, hinting at her using her body to come to an agreement (you know, the way that men and women “deal” with things,) she kept on pushing for an agreement between her people and his. She had the upper hand and it was about time she realized it. They’re a self sustained group that will outlast Hilltop without a problem because they’re a family and not a group of strangers riding out the apocalypse together. When Gregory agreed to her terms he saw that. And, dare I say, he was a bit proud of her for calling him out on the load of bull he was trying to sell.


They’ll come a day when Maggie will lead. This is practice for what’s to come.


The Bad: Hilltop Stabbings & Impressions

Rick & Co. had barely been in the walls of this new community before a fight broke out. People were knocked down, choked, threatened, and then stabbed in the neck. When Rick stood up we were transported back to when he was sweaty and covered in blood after beating (and then later on killing) Jessie’s husband. He’d made a lasting impression on Alexandrians and then later onto a returning Morgan. He looked unhinged and crazy. I wouldn’t trust a man who promises to help but kills at will. No matter how good looking he is.

Rick is an anomaly in their eyes.  If it wasn’t for Jesus’ quick action I think the rest of the Hilltop community would have jumped into the fight and promptly been knocked down by Michonne. Point is, they’ll remember this now. Rick has pulled himself from the ashes of the apocalypse to live, not only to survive. He won’t let these people do something regrettable that will take away resources from Alexandria, even if he has to stop them himself. First impressions be damned.


The Ugly: Negan’s Men Sending A Message

There’s nothing worse than a villain who creeps about. He hides in the shadows sending vague messages, killing loved ones, and just causing a general ruckus because they CAN. That’s what Negan is doing. He doesn’t show his face. Instead he sends his lackies and people that he’s terrified/emotionally compromised to do his work. It’s genius. The survivors of the apocalypse have come to see him as the boogeyman. This faceless man has all the power without even lifting an actual finger. The mere thought of angering him has stopped anyone from opposing his rule. He has a reputation of following through with his threats. And without knowing what he looks like…anyone could work for him. (Negan can’t be anyone because the beautiful Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the charismatic leader. You couldn’t miss him if you tried.) For all we know, the man who’s taking them to the Survivors base could work for Negan. It’s just to convenient that he’s been trading with the Survivors since the beginning and he hasn’t been killed yet. Suspicious!

Rick & Co. have one advantage over the Saviors and it isn’t a surprise attack to their base. Negan doesn’t know who they are. All he knows is that there’s a mysterious crew that has challenged him without hesitation and in a coordinated way that rules out amateur survivors. It’s his turn to be afraid now.


Quote of the Episode: “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” – Abraham Ford


Other observations:

  1. All the Hilltop spears were made by a master blacksmith. They represent how self sufficient this community is even without guns. How cool is that?
  2. Daryl is bonding with Denise and it’s fantastic. He brought her pop and she brought him oat cakes that look like ‘shit.’ He’s really befriended the best people by being himself.
  3. Glenn and Maggie finally get their child’s first sonogram. Baby Hershel?
  4. I don’t understand Abraham’s breakdown. Is he upset because of Sasha’s rejection before anything could happen? Or was he afraid to want more in his life and settle? Explain more please.
  5. The simple Richonne moments were fantastic. They were quickly discovered by all their friends and telling Carl showed how serious they were about this. They’re a family now and there’s no use denying it. P.S. Holding hands in the RV was Rick’s way of telling Michonne that he wasn’t going to hide this and that it wasn’t a one night thing.
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