‘The Walking Dead’ 6×09 Review: ‘No Way Out’

Let’s be honest with each other. There were too many mind-blowing moments from the Mid-Season Premiere of The Walking Dead. Too many moments where you’re still thinking, “Did they really just do that? Her hand?! His eye?!” And while it would be lovely to rant on about the entire episode ‘No Way Out’ for the rest of time, I’m going to contain myself to a couple key aspects that will change the show from here on out.

Let’s talk about it!


United Alexandria

‘Together or not at all.’ That’s the mantra that kept playing in my head when Rick left the safety of the medical room to fight the walkers outside. Rick, Michonne, and the rest of Alexandria wouldn’t survive unless all of them raised arms to fight. And they did.

The way all the Alexandrians came out to help Rick and Michonne was mesmerizing. I wasn’t able to move my eyes away from the screen for even a second. They’ve reached a point in their character development where they have to act to protect their home and make the tough decisions to survive. They are now united against a common plague. Remember when they were first introduced? How weary and hesitant they were about Rick & Co. joining them? How unprepared Rick found them to be? No more. They are all on the same playing field. They will not compromise anymore or turn their backs to the world outside of these walls. Together they will take on the terror that walks their streets because they have the will, strength, and a faith that they’ll overcome it as one. Ain’t nothing more beautiful than that.




Carol vs Herself

Carol killed the Wolf because she was correcting a mistake she made. But also a mistake that Morgan made. For a moment she let the humanity that she pushed away so desperately peek out. Weakness is death in her eyes. She will not let it wash over her and be the cause of her death or that of her friends. Morgan is still a threat to their community and she’ll keep an eye on him until he’s eliminated or changes his tune.

Or maybe she’ll change her tune. As much as I want to deny it Morgan brought out a piece of Carol we haven’t seen in a while, the one that feels. She’s closed herself off so much that she doesn’t even realize that she can’t feel joy, heartache, or happiness like she did before. This could be a turning point/uncharted territory for Carol Peletier.

Carol TWD 6x09
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Rick’s New Hope

Rick saw how everyone came to his help. How they were all united against a common foe to protect one home. Deanna was right. The people of Alexandria could survive. They could learn. All he had to do was give them a chance and they’d take it. Now they’re stronger. Their walls still might be down, his son still unconscious, and their streets littered with dead walkers but THEY SURVIVED the unthinkable. They did it.

This might be hard to believe but things are going to look up (for a bit.) Rick has been wrecked and turned into a shadow of himself who didn’t believe in humanity anymore. Then he turned into a farmer, blocking out the outside world. He was yanked back into reality when the walls to the prison fell and he’s been living on a road of skeptical wariness since then. After the events of this episode he’s reached a new phase in his post apocalyptic journey. He knows the outside world, knows the dangers it brings, and is ready to live instead of just surviving.

carl and rick twd 6x09
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Excited for this new Alexandria? What was your favorite moment of the episode? Was Judith your personal hero? (She was definitely mine!) Leave us your answers and comments in the section below!

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