Let’s Catch Up On Some ‘Outlander’ Stuff…

Outlander returns this week – and we’re super excited. This is the time of the year when we feel like we are getting Christmas presents – in the form of Jamie and Caitriona.

Who can reject that gift? Not us! So we wanted to catch you up on some Outlander news.

Dish Studio released an interview with Sam and Caitriona where the two discuss a little of what can be seen in Season 2.

The trailer which focuses on Jamie has us drooling.

We know the titles of the episodes for Season 2 –

  1. Episode 201 – Through a Glass, Darkly
  2. Episode 202 – Not in Scotland Anymore
  3. Episode 203 – Useful Occupations and Deceptions
  4. Episode 204 – La Dame Blanche
  5. Episode 205 – Untimely Resurrections
  6. Episode 206 – Best Laid Schemes
  7. Episode 207 – Faith
  8. Episode 208 – The Fox’s Lair
  9. Episode 209 – Je Suis Prest
  10. Episode 210 – Prestonpans
  11. Episode 211 – Vengeance Is Mine
  12. Episode 212 – The Hail Mary
  13. Episode 213 – Dragonfly in Amber

There’s this really smart piece that Kate Spencer wrote for Esquire!

And Caitriona was on Today…

And there is this really cool place – Rock Love Jewelry – has has this amazing line of Outlander inspired jewelry.

Inspired by the prose of author Diana Gabaldon, RockLove designer Allison Hourcade explains:

“I’ve always dreamed of translating the Fraser Stag Brooch in the historical pen-annular style for knits, shawls, cloaks, and kilts!”

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, the brooch spans over one and a half inches in diameter. Two Celtic knotwork stags bound within their border, antlers and limbs intricately entwined. The white-tail stick pin encircles and slides along the narrower top of the brooch so that it remains secure while adding the brooch to your favorite garment.

You can see the beautiful broach here: rocklove.com/merchandise/outlander/fraser-stag-brooch.

- Outlander Fraser Stag Brooch Photo Credit- Steven Crawford

- WebStagBrooch_3

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