‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 3 Renewal Means We Get More

Rejoice Fear the Walking Dead fans, the hit spin-off series of The Walking Dead, has been renewed for a third season! The announcement from AMC comes after only one episode of season two airing. This third season will have 16 episodes and comes with a Talking Dead: Fear renewal. The fact that it’s set to premiere in 2017 hasn’t stopped us from wondering what we’ll get more of in Season 3.


  1. More Chris Hardwick. The Talking Dead: Fear has become a staple of Sunday Walking Dead watching. Where one goes, the other follows.
  2. More opportunities to continue exploring Madison’s past. There’s always been something dark about this woman. I knew it from the moment she bashed her first walker. The same hesitation, that others would have in killing a walker, wasn’t there.
  3. More major character deaths. With every episode we get, the chances increase of our favs dying by walker or human. I’m looking forward to the tears and angst!
  4. More Nick fighting his addiction off. There will come a day where we see him denying the drugs that ruined him. I’m looking forward to that inner struggle.
  5. More Alicia conquering this apocalypse. There’s no doubt that The Walking Dead has some of the strongest women on TV. Looking forward to what kind of woman Alicia transforms into after experiencing the zombie apocalypse.
  6. More chances that they’ll end up settling down on land. If we’re talking long term, this has to happen. They can’t survive on the Abigail forever. One day they’ll fight off walkers, and humans alike, to build a safe community.
  7. More villains. Since the producers don’t have the comics to guide them, they can go crazy with the bad guys that show up. I’m already on the edge of my seat about the ship who destroyed that yacht in the season 2 premiere. Imagine where they can go next? Something more frightening than Negan? (I don’t think so, but I’m down for them trying to change my mind!)


Fear the Walking Dead airs Thursdays @ 9/8c on AMC.


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