'Marvel's Daredevil' 2×13 Review: 'A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen'

We’re back with our final review of this season’s Daredevil on the episode ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen’. As we’ve mentioned in our previous reviews, this season we were reviewing each episode so we can get deeper into the nitty gritty of this spectacular series and so we can keep up with everybody’s various binge-ing habits. Read all our season 2 reviews here.
In this episode we get to the kind of conclusion of the Nobu and Hand storyline and see the perhaps death of an important character. Let’s get into ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen’:

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen vs. The Hand

Most of the episode’s storyline centered around the eradication of the Hand. The last episode ended with Nobu making the exclamation that ‘Daredevil must die’ and they tried to seek him out in order to get to Elektra in the same way as he and Elektra prepared themselves to end Nobu’s reign as head of the Hand.
Through  an interrogation of Brett the police officer, The Hand got hold of all the details that the police had on Daredevil and proceeded to take hostage everyone that he had ever saved – including Karen. This obviously causes Matt to act and he and Elektra take the fight to the Hand as they work together (with some correct costumes and weapons from good ole Melvin) and the two of them fight excellently side by side until the end. And an end it was, even after a beautiful speech where Matt tells Elektra that if they get out he would run away with her because no one understands him like she does, she still sacrifices herself to save him.


Although there was a mixed response to the character, one cannot deny the fact that Elodie Yung was excellent in the role, but The Hand eludes to the fact that this might not be the end of Elektra or the Black Sky as they call her, as at the end of the episode we see them putting her into an urn (the same one they were draining blood of the teenagers in) which I assume is so that they can raise her from the dead again.

What about the other characters?

Frank Castle visited his family home for the first time since the massacre, it was a touching moment, as he looked around at how everything was still the same. He left the house and lit it ablaze, looking all badass as he walked away. He, then, went to go give Daredevil or ‘Red’ as he calls him some help as he shot some ninjas down from the roof.
Karen Page was dealing with writer’s block as she was writing her article on Frank, something all writers deal with, although it must be extremely difficult to go from not writing at all to having to do a full one news article, but this a television series and that’s just semantics. She has some cool banter with Ellison before she gets kidnapped by The Hand, and saved by Matt. The episode ends with Matt telling her that he is Daredevil.
Foggy got offered a job by Jessica Jones’ Jeri Hogarth, where he would be dealing with cases involving superheroes. This is an interesting twist and hopefully one that will see Foggy on the other Netflix/Marvel series.

Final Verdict

This season of Daredevil was clearly highlighted by standout performances of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra. While both the plot lines of the Blacksmith and The Hand paled in comparison to the juggernaut of Wilson Fisk, both last season and this season, but the individual characters of Frank and Elektra and their relations with our usual cast of characters helped to helm this season to greatness.
If The Punisher does get his own spinoff series (with or without Karen), this was a great introduction to the character, and the spinoff would not have to delve into his origin story. Frank is a dynamic character on his own, and Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of him will be enough to steer head a new series. Now come on, Netflix we’re waiting for the announcement.
What did you think of this season of Daredevil? Let us know in the comments below.
Marvel’s Daredevil is now available to stream on Netflix.

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