'Marvel's Daredevil' 2×11 Review: '.380'

We’re back with our eleventh review of this season’s Daredevil on the episode ‘.380’. As we’ve mentioned in our previous reviews, this season we are reviewing each episode so we can get deeper into the nitty gritty of this spectacular series and so we can keep up with everybody’s various binge-ing habits. Read all our season 2 reviews here.
In this episode Karen and Frank have a bonding moment, the hunt for the Blacksmith takes an explosive turn, and Matt just has too much to deal with right now. Let’s get into ‘.380’:

Karen and Frank talk .380 and relationships

The chemistry between these two characters are off the charts as Frank reaches out to Karen for help in tracking down the Blacksmith. The two go for coffee at a diner, and Karen points out to him that she likes him because he’s the one person who does not lie to her, in which he tells her to stick to the ones that she loves (namely Matt) because love is so fleeting – referencing how he wishes he could have another moment with his wife.
AVClub in their review spoke about how reminiscent of a father, Frank’s actions are, he is looking out for Karen, he knew that she was in love with Matt because he was watching her during the trial (must have been the few short seconds that Matt was actually in court). I don’t know good his advice was, because I’m of the school of thought that says don’t use love as a blanket statement to excuse the shitty behavior of your loved ones but hey just me.


Karen, however, got a little look at just how dangerous the men who she associates herself with are, when Frank uses their little diner meet up to lure out the Blacksmith’s men, as he tells her to take the waitron and cook and tell them to hide in the kitchen. During an altercation between Frank and the Blacksmith’s men, Karen gets to see Frank in action as The Punisher, as he gets one of them to reveal the location of The Blacksmith.
I have noted in these reviews before that I am very pro-Frank and Karen, and if this was a different show that had endless opportunities for a character and storyline stretches, maybe my wish would have been granted. But while I enjoy their scenes together, and secretly feel like they would be perfect together (right now they are miles ahead of Matt and Karen) the Punisher has a particular role to play in Daredevil, and Karen has helped him get there, so I think that will be the crux of their relationship.

The hunt for the Blacksmith

Matt got a tip from Black Tower about location of the Blacksmith’s main competitor, which he finds to be Madame Gau. Gau does not know who the Blacksmith is just that his drugs come in via the port. It was great to see Madame Gau back again, she posed such a frightening presence in the first season, and because we know she has a greater role to play in the universe, I’m thankful for the reminders.


Frank and Matt converge on the port, where Matt kind of starts to understand Frank’s thinking as to why the Blacksmith needs to die. I think Matt’s visit to Fisk definitely soured his opinion on the justice system. Because a lot of his confidence in it stemmed from the fact that they were able to put away such a powerful criminal like Fisk but seeing how Fisk seems to be thriving in prison perhaps that is not the best option.
But Frank has no time for Matt’s ever-changing ideals, and throws him off the boat, before it is blown up with the cargo, crew, and The Punisher on board.

Last minute notes

  • Claire and the hospital board – a lot of the episode was centered around the aftermath of the zombie kids and the zombies that come save them. They kill one of the fellow nurses, and throw Claire out of a window (luckily Daredevil is there to save her, of course). But the moment that is really significant is when the hospital gets a large sum of money to sweep the entire situation under the rug, which prompts Claire to quit her job. We can assume she’ll now be moving to Harlem where she’ll be on hand to help Luke Cage.
  • Elektra and Stick – In yet another side plot, Stick gets word that Elektra is closing in on him and intends to kill him. A driver of Stick’s crashes his car in front of Matt’s apartment telling him that Elektra is going after Stick.
  • The zombie kids and their cutting – There is definitely something creepy going on with those kids and The Hand as they were seen creepily cutting themselves to drain blood. *shudders*
  • Foggy and Marci – Foggy’s ex, Marci pays him a visit in hospital this week, telling him that his excellent work in the Frank Castle case did not go unnoticed, and he should expect a visit from someone powerful soon. My guess is on Jeri Hogarth.
  • Matt’s ever-cluttering plate – Seriously though, right now, Matt has to deal with The Punisher, the Blacksmith, his lack of career, Elektra and Stick drama, his lack of relationship with Karen, the breakup of his friendship with Foggy, The Hand, the Wilson Fisk fear. It’s a little much for one guy. I really hope that all these storylines start converging soon, because all the side plots are becoming a bit tedious.

What did you think of this episode of Daredevil? Let us know in the comments below.
Marvel’s Daredevil is now available to stream on Netflix.

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