157 Not So Deep Thoughts From the ‘Outlander’ Season 2 Premiere

Outlander is back! Can’t say that I am not excited. As with last season – I have a lot of not so deep thoughts from watching the show. What can I say – I get deep.

1 – Oh Claire – get off the ground – it’s dirty.
2 – We’d be crying too – where the hell is Jamie.
3 – Claire’s is wailing like she gave birth – that’s a whole lot of pain to be in.
4 – Scotland is so pretty.
5 – That dress looks hot as fuck.
6 – How is it that Claire’s hair still looks so good after traveling through time.
7 – Yup Scotland is pretty.
8 – I think if I saw a lady walking in that dress on the side of the road – I would be looking for a reenactment somewhere.
9 – I love a Scottish accent.
10 – What a gentleman.
11 – Yes she speaks English.
12 – What – it’s 1948? Well… I’d assume she’s nuts at this point too.
13 – Claire – you’re gonna get yourself electric shock treatment if you don’t pull yourself together.
14 – I like this new opening.
15 – I’m kind of depressed that I haven’t seen Jamie.
16 – Ooh these French clothes are pretty. Very colorful.
17 –  I need a drink.
18 – What a cute kid.
19 – Frank is creepy – cause he’ll always be his ancestor to me.
20 – Doctor has a creepy mustache.
21 – Emotionally – yes they think she’s nuts.
22 – This music is horrible.
23 – I wouldn’t want to see Frank. #TeamJamie

Conditions- Frank and Claire

24 – I suddenly never want to have milk anymore.
25 – Claire looks pissed. That sedative didn’t make her calm.
26 – That’s your husband Claire. You know your first one.
27 – You’re back? You don’t say.
28 – Frank – lets be honest – you wanna be like where were you?
29 – See even Claire thinks that Franks his creepy ancestor too.
30 – Creepy 1948’s paps!
31 – Spoken with the Reverend. Umm…
32 – Frank is being kind. Um, does he not wonder where his wife was?
33 – I have never noticed Frank’s jaw porn before.
34 – Yes, you will need some clothes.
35 – Cute house.
36 – Revered is still creepy.
37 – I mean she hasn’t said anything – cause who has really asked.
38 – 18th century Scottish women’s wardrobe… that’s cause she was in the 18th century.
39 – You don’t say Frank.
40 – Are you puzzled Reverend? Or are you just wondering if she traveled in time?

Not the Only One with Questions

41 – Frank – I suddenly feel bad for you.
42 – Frank is patient. Damn he’s making me like him.
43 – Claire in the paper – doesn’t anyone have respect for privacy?
44 – The devil has standards? You don’t say.
45 – Claire – stop obsessing. Who am I kidding – I’d be all over it.
46 – Yes, Claire – there is always another fucking war.
47 – I really miss Jamie.
48 – FINALLY – Claire’s starting to open up. She misses him. I miss him. We all miss Jamie.
49 – I really wanna know how Claire’s curls stay so in tact in that humidity. Wait – is Scotland humid?
50 – We don’t always get what we want Claire… I mean you’re in 1948 – there’s proof.
51 – One never doubts Jamie’s word, Frank. Don’t get it twisted.

I Love You Unconditionally

52 – No Claire – don’t tuck that memory away. Find your way back to Jamie.
53 – Yes, we know Frank loves her – but would you be saying all of that if you had met Jamie.
54 – Ok, shit – I feel bad for Frank. He needs loving too.
55 – I know Frank isn’t Black Jack – but that’s all I can see when I look at him.
56 – Ya, you might want to talk to your husband.
57 – I really wanna go to Scotland.
58 – That fire looks nice.
59 – Oh Frank – trying to reminisce. Love it. Way to be a good man.
60 – Shhh… let her speak.
61 – Oh Frank, you would care. You should care. You should listen.
62 – Me thinks that Franks afraid.
63 – I want life to be so simple that I go look for a flower.
64 – Drink that whiskey Frank. I’d have to be drunk as hell too.
65 – I wonder if Frank is thinking of committing his wife.
66 – Yes, it sounds like you have gone mad Claire – BUT – we know you haven’t.
67 – Where is Jamie? I miss Jamie.
68 – That’s not a leap of faith Frank – that’s like a sky dive from heaven leap.
69 – Claire – let your man stand by you.
70 – Ex-wife? Did they get divorced? Is there time travel divorce?
71 – Damnit I like Frank. I don’t wanna like Frank.
72 – Frank’s a good man.
73 – Claire stop telling Frank that you slept with another man. Like there is cruel and there is cruel.
74 – Crap – I am crying for Frank. I want to hug him. He loves her.
75 – For a second – I forgot about Jamie. Where is Jamie again?
76 – Oh we all want a man like Frank. He’s willing to be blinded by love.
77 – Someone get Frank an award for being a good man.
78 – I wouldn’t accept that – if my spouse cheated – they’d be out the door.
80 – Someone love on Frank – he needs to be loved.
81 – Claire is prego!
82 – Wait – he’s gonna accept the baby.
83 – Yes, Frank – realize it’s not yours. It’s been a long time since she slept with you.
84 – Yup, there comes the anger. I mean did he think that if she was married to someone else – she didn’t get some loving?
85 – I feel bad for Frank.
86 – I feel bad for Claire.
87 – I need a drink.
89 – I mean can one really blame Frank for being mad?
90 – Frank – that’s not your property to break.
91 – Yes, this house is pretty.
92 – Frank – always the honorable man.

I Just Need to Know

93 – What is important Reverend?
94 – Deep questions from the Reverend. Bad, hard memories from Frank.
95 – Damn poor Frank. Can’t have babies. This man can’t catch a break .
96 – Seriously, you are depressing me Outlander. I need another drink.
97 – Frank has a good nose.
98 – Okay, Outlander should just come with a warning that I need to be drunk to make it through cause I am sad.
99 – Now is not the time for Bible stories Reverend.
100 – FRANK – such language in front of the Reverend. Watch yourself.
101 – The Reverend spits some knowledge. Drop the mic.
102 – Frank – again – proving that he’s a good man.
103 – Harvard? Yes, Frank – proving the smarts are there.
104 – Claire – I don’t think that you can make all sorts of demands right now.
105 – Franks grown a pair.


106 – I really miss Jamie.
107 – Claires sweater vest reminds me of my Grandma’s rug.
108 – No more research? Frank – that’s just cruel. I mean I get it – but you’re making me sad right now.
110 – I would never let Jamie go. I would have someone painting a mural of his fine face on my ceiling.
111 – Ok, yup – crying again. But I think it’s cause I miss Jamie.
112 – Claire’s sweater vest reminds me of my Grandma’s rug.
113 – Don’t let go of the ring Claire! Good girl.
114 – That’s a cute coat. I like it. BUT – again – I miss Jamie.
115 – WHY IS HE BURNING HER CLOTHES! Ok, I don’t like you again Frank.
116 – Can we talk about how amazing Claire’s skin is.
117 – Wow airplane windows were big.
118 – That’s not France. I want her in France with Jamie.
119 – Is it bad how I am thinking I am flying on Wednesday and what sweats I can wear? So props to you Claire for the suit.
121 – Jamie has better hair – im loving it.
122 – I don’t want to go to France if it reeks of frogs.
124 – Jamie’s hand. I wish they had vicodin to give him back then.
125 – I can’t wait for Claire to have better clothes.
126 – Claire will always stand by her man.
127 – Claire is stubborn.
128 – Jamie is spitting the knowledge
129 – I should have paid more attention to history incase I have to time travel.
130 – Jamie you are not your crippled hand.

Fabricated a Tale to Drive You Away

131 – Me thinks Jamie just wants to sleep.
132 – It’s okay – Jamie, everyone lies to family.
133 – I love how Jamie’s concerned about his soul. Good Man.
134 – Where can I find a Jamie of my own. Who is up for going to Scotland?
135 – I mean if you’re going to make a man lie for you – you should tell him a reason.
136 – Jamie has better hair than me.
137 – Seriously – Jamie has the best jaw porn. Don’t ever grow a beard.
138 – HAHA, Jamie’s got jokes.
139 – Jared is observant.
140 – It’s nice to call a woman sturdy Jamie.
141 – Jared has really bad hair. So… I am gonna lay off Jamie’s for awhile.
142 – I always wanna cry when I see Jamie’s back.
143 – Is that enough for you Jared?
144 – Jamie has this all under control. Smooth operator.
145 – Wine business. I like this cousin!
146 – Paris is going to do good for Claire and Jamie.
147 – What’s going on? Who is hurt? Oh Claire – when will you learn to walk away?
148 – Claire – a healer for all the ages.
149 – Oh yay, another man with a power and an attitude.
150 – Im glad I can’t get smallpox.
151 – Why would anyone yell at Claire in front of Jamie?
153 – Calling her ill-bread not smart. This French dude is an asshole.
154 – You tell him Claire.
155 – Oh great, another threat. When will Claire and Jamie catch a break.
156 – Claire and Jamie make an enemy everyday.
157 – Oh this is gonna be good.

Outlander airs Saturday’s on Starz.

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