‘Legends of Tomorrow’: 7 Memorable Moments from ‘The Magnificent Eight’

This week’s Legends of Tomorrow found our team hiding out from a sinister group of Hunters, which led them to the Wild West where ultimately they ran into Rip Hunter’s old acquaintance Jonah Hex and madness ensued.

While this wasn’t the most exciting episode of Legends that we’ve happened upon this season, there were a few moments that gave it style points, including some badass moments from Snart, Sara, and the debut of Jonah Hex.

Here are seven memorable moments from “The Magnificent Eight”:

1. Hello, Jonah Hex

Ever since Legends of Tomorrow teased the introduction of DC character Jonah Hex on the show, his arrival has been long anticipated. So wouldn’t you know that as the team seeks refuge from these Hunters that they happen across an Old West town called Salvation (the irony is real, people) that they happen across Hex who is as badass and suave as we had hoped he would be. You really believe him as he wears that cowboy ensemble and that no-shits-given attitude. His connection with Rip Hunter was an added plus, but Hex stole the show here.

2. Kendra Has a Heart-to-Heart with Her Past-Future Self

My feelings for Kendra aside, it was impressive to discover that this mystery person that Kendra felt a pull to was actually her past life but in the future – as in this was a much older Kendra that we met just off the edge of Salvation. But what was really great about this meeting was the advice that Kendra’s past/future self had for our current Kendra: she is destined to love only Carter. But also the other romantic relationships that she has in her life are destined for heartbreak or a tragic end. So basically this was Legends of Tomorrow warning us that this Ray/Kendra relationship never stood a chance. So, when are we going to wrap it up?

3. The Villainous Pilgrim Awaits

While this episode ultimately failed its audience in the grand scheme of things, it did salvage itself in the final moments as it set up next week’s grand threat that looks all kinds of awesome and terrifying, which is always the best. Rory got a little heads up from one of the Hunters he killed that a certain protocol has been initiated: The Pilgrim has been sent after them, which is apparently the worst thing that can happen. But surely our group of Legends can work together to take on this one woman? Think again. Because the Pilgrim isn’t coming after their present selves. She’s going after their past, defenseless selves.

4. Martin Stein Saves H.G. Wells

Throughout this episode we saw Martin Stein develop a connection with this woman named Sara(h) and her young son who was dying from Tuberculosis. But the best moment came near episode’s end when the young boy introduced himself as Herbert George Wells, to which Stein’s jaw dropped open. “H.G. Wells?” That’s right. Stein just saved one of history’s famous authors and helped ensure that he’d live on to write his many great works. A reminder that when our Legends travel through time you never who they’re going to run into during certain times.

5. Sheriff Ray Palmer John Wayne

There was nothing cuter than watching Ray Palmer, who has become light years more appealing and loveable on Legends of Tomorrow than he ever was on Arrow, live out his cowboy dream and get to roam around as John Wayne, sheriff of Salvation. Ray is someone who has always aimed to protect people that need protection, so this his moment in the sun – to realize that this mission isn’t merely about stopping Vandal Savage but also protecting those that need it along the way. That’s what heroes do. So it was nice to see Ray stand confident in his heroic self as he – along with his teammates – helped save Salvation from destruction. Plus Ray looks damn hot wearing a cowboy hat.

6. Snart the Sharp Shooter

My love for Leonard Snart knows no bounds, and man was Captain Cold on fire in this episode as he saved two lives of the team with his expert sharp shooter skills. There has not been enough Snart in these previous couple of episodes, and God do I miss him. Snart is someone who went from someone who cared only about himself, Rory, his sister, and money to someone who genuinely cares about his team. We saw that in his concern for Jax when he was taken by their foes. The concern was real, and it’s a reminder at how far Snart has come and how having a purpose is something that does him well. But he also had their backs when they didn’t expect it. First with Stein in the saloon, when he shot and killed a man that would’ve killed Stein, and then when Ray was surrounded by the enemy and Snart got a shot in to clear them away. Let us not forget how valuable Snart is to this team – but also how he needs them just as much as they need him.


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7. Sara Out-Drinks Rory

Sara Lance is a badass no matter how you look at it. She can kick your ass, and she can sure as hell out-drink your ass. The moment was such a small, brief thing at the beginning of the episode, but it was memorable as hell when you talk about the legend of Sara Lance. While Kendra wasn’t impressed by the gasoline-like liquor, Sara and Rory continued to down shots, and Rory was seriously impressed by our pretty bird. Turns out that guys that Sara used to date thought they could get her wasted and have their way with her. Oh, how they were wrong. So Rory essentially challenged Sara to a drink-off, which ended with Rory passed out on the bar as a fight broke out in the background. That’s our girl.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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