Castle Postmortem: Wishful Thinking

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  1. Becky Bird says:

    I agree whole- heartedly with everything you said here. Especially the part about putting STANA through that whole circus. Seems pretty unnecessary, now that the whole show is cancelled. Why couldn’t they just end the show with a two- parter instead of trying to get a partial season without half of the show? That could have avoided this fiasco, I know, I know– money. I don’t think ABC realized the firestorm that erupted after firing Stana and Tamala. And the damage that was done with all the rumors flying. Nathan’s silence spoke volumes regarding his part in the whole thing. These things, and ABC’s ineptitude, their stalling about the decision for season 9 or no season 9, all caused anger and distrust- unfortunately, directed at the wrong people.
    Such a shame that this once entertaining,enjoyable show was sent out with a pitiful whimper– instead of the great show it was. The cast, crew, and fans, were all robbed of a joyful, celebratory send-off.

  2. Lynn says:

    We can dispair over the fiasco that was on display during the past month or so but it’s over now and at least we didn’t have to suffer through a season 9 of Rick Castle PI & his daughter Nancy Drew! It is a shame that Ms. Katic had to go through the nonesence about next year but I have a feeling this might be the best thing to happen to her. She put her heart into the Beckett character and carried the show most of the first 7 years. This last year with Hawley and Winter as showrunners was pretty poor. When Marlow left, it appears that Mr. Fillion got just what he wanted. Castle PI…a sort of juvenile, immature character in which he could show off his comic skills. But that is not what the audience signed up for when we stuck with the show for 8years. The firestorm which followed the announcement of Katic and Jones being released was obviously not expected by ABC, TPTB or Mr. F. So I don’t believe they had much choice but to cancel. I am glad they did because this last few episodes about Aladin’s lamp, an anti-christ and the MI5 gals troubles left one feeling the show had gone completely off the rails to satisfy someone’s giant ego! We will just have to remember the good times and many years of great episodes and be sorry it had to end like this.

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