Five Burning Questions About The Flash Season 2 Finale

Oh, how The Flash’s second season has just sped by. Then again we should’ve expected that with a speedster like Barry Allen at the helm. In season two, The Flash continued Barry Allen’s heroic journey as he faced adversity at the hands of tragedy and an evil speedster more terrifying than even Reverse Flash in Zoom, who turned about to be a friend in disguise.

But we have to admit that we’re a bit concerned right now as we head into the final hour of what’s been a thrilling, emotional ride in The Flash’s sophomore run. When we last left things, Zoom killed Barry’s father, Henry, right in front of him – and in the same spot that his mother was murdered by Reverse Flash some many years ago. For Barry, who had just regained that optimism that was lacking this season, this was a further blow that will no doubt drive him in his vengeance with Zoom.


// So what happens next? We have so many questions about the season finale, titled “The Race of His Life,” including how Barry will defeat Zoom – assuming he does – as well as the question of other potential casualties, resolution on Earth-2, and the hint of new speedsters in season three.

Here are five burning questions we have heading into tonight’s season finale of The Flash:

1. How will Barry defeat Zoom?

Now, this is assuming that Barry will ultimately defeat Zoom, which he should given that this is a show about a superhero that ultimately conquers the evil threatening the season. All we know is that there’s some sort of race involved, and you have to wonder if that somehow factors into things. Last season it was ultimately Eddie Thawne (rest in peace) that defeated Reverse Flash by sacrificing himself, so perhaps the real question here is: Will is be Barry that defeats Zoom?

2. What will be Zoom’s fate?

When it comes to homicidal, maniacal speedsters there isn’t really much you can do other than make sure there’s a permanent solution to making him a non-threat. But if it comes down to it, would Barry be able to kill Zoom? Or will Zoom be kept breathing locked up within the Pipeline just itching for a chance to escape and wreak havoc. Personally, I believe Zoom will meet a permanent end the details of which we’ll have to wait and see.

3. Will we see any more casualties?

Following The Flash’s heartbreaking season one finale, which resulted in the death of fan favorite Eddie Thawne, obviously my concern rests with the well-being of the rest of these characters as we head into the final hour. Perhaps we won’t get a big season finale death as Henry Allen was tragically murdered in the penultimate episode. But while The Flash has been relatively lighter than its counterpart Arrow, it’s not a show that has shied away from darkness when the circumstances call for it.

4. Will we see resolution with the chaos on Earth-2?

The penultimate episode showed us – well, rather Cisco – that there was utter destruction happening on Earth-2 as a result of Zoom. Birds were flying into windows, buildings were crumbling, and the people of this world were running scared. There has to be a reason why they showed us that. Will we see some type of resolution with Central City of Earth-2 or will Earth-2 become a focal point of season three?

5. Will we see any hints regarding Wally or Jesse becoming speedsters?

These DC shows are very good with hinting at upcoming storylines within the writing, and one of those anticipated storylines involves Wally West and Jesse Wells developing super speed after being struck by the second Particle Accelerator. As of right now none of them are exhibiting powers, but perhaps when season three picks up we might see the start of that. The question is: will we get a hint of that?

6. Who the hell is the Man in the Iron Mask?

This is something that’s bothered me since he first made his appearance on Earth-2. The Man in the Iron Mask, who appears to be significant enough for Zoom to keep him hostage, but someone we’ve had absolutely no hints about who he actually is. Is it Wally of Earth-2? Is it Henry Allen of Earth-2? Is it the real Jay Garrick? Whatever it is, the reveal better be satisfying after all of this.

The Flash’s season finale airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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