‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×07: 5 WTF Moments from Shiva

As Fear the Walking Dead’s “Shiva” proves, you can’t have a finale in the world of The Walking Dead without burning a farm down. Following tradition they also have a man losing his mind, a parent doing what’s best for their child (children in this case), and a head of household that believes the dead are just creepy versions of the deceased. Just another day’s work in the mind of Fear the Walking Dead show-runner.

Let’s talk about the top five WTF moments from “Shiva”!

1. Chris Losing It 

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Apparently the youth is more lost than expected. In a surprise move he ran away, held a boy hostage, and attacked his father. He’s desperate to understand what’s going on in his mind and in this new world, that he’s willing to accept what others think of him. If they think he’s an animal, a monster, then he’ll be one. He needs time to mourn his mother and the guidance of his father to teach him that he can come back from what he’s done.

Chris is not lost yet.

2. Madison Locking Celia In: 

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As calm as ever, Madison locked Celia up with the creatures she still deemed as her family. Oddly enough Celia didn’t fight it. Either she knew that she was wrong and was going to die. Or she had accepted that Madison was wrong, that she wasn’t going to die. Either way, this calm and calculated decision by Madison echoes the beginning of Rick’s journey on The Walking Dead to doing whatever must be done for the survival of his people.

Madison knows what must be done and she has accepted the responsibility and burden of Celia’s death.

3. Daniel Seeing His Wife:

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Since the last episode, something’s been amiss with Daniel. He saw a vision of someone holding a frightened child and started acting odd around his daughter Ofelia. In “Shiva”, Daniel stepped things up by hearing voices, acting paranoid, and seeing his deceased wife. The child was also revealed as himself at the beginning of his violent service to another. Daniel rounded all this up by destroying Celia’s walkers and quite possibly himself.

With the rate of his sickness it wasn’t a one time thing. He’s had moments where he remembers the past and let’s it overcome him. The man’s sick.

4. Nick Leaving:

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After only being at Celia’s for two days, Nick was ready to drink the crazy juice and become another walker. He doesn’t see any difference between himself and the dead when covered in blood. Hell, in his previous life as a drug addict he was dead to the world, unfeeling, and with no hope. Still, I had hope that he wouldn’t fall so easily to the words of someone he barely knew in place of his mother.

Here’s hoping that he finds his own path that isn’t foolish and has him continuously covered in blood.

5. Travis Leaving: 

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There was no other option for Travis, but to leave after his son’s ease in attacking him. He’s lost the one person he promised to protect because, in many ways, he wasn’t paying attention to him. Travis was more concerned with the boat, with Strand, with Madison, and with how the outside world was dealing with the apocalypse. There was no malicious intent in this manner towards his son. Travis just thought he was ok, he trusts his boy to be alright because he’s always been. It’s an unsatisfactory method that leads to misunderstandings.

Maybe this time together can clear both of their minds. And maybe along the way they’ll meet Nick or Madison. In my hearts heart, I think they’ll never see each other. A boat will afford Madison & the others, distance they can’t cover.


Did you flip out when Chris attacked Travis? Would you walk away like Nick did? Leave us your comments below!

Fear the Walking Dead returns for 2B August 21 @ 9p.m. on AMC.

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