Once Upon A Time: Captain Hook or the joys of character development

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  1. Vari says:

    He is my favourite male character on tv. I think his development has been great, none like we see on any tv show. And the love between Emma and Hook, that progression and build up.

  2. Emma Coppen says:

    This is a fantasic article about Killian, it articulates his motivations and his journey perfectly.

  3. obisgirl says:

    I read that “underdeveloped character” essay and when I read that section about Captain Hook, being an example of this, it riled me up so hard and made me a double-take, because seriously, to the writer of that article, I had to say, ‘Are you kidding me?’

    Belle, I can understand as underdeveloped because she doesn’t get enough story/screen time away from Rumple to really develop as her own person.

    I love Killian Jones and Colin’s performance, but he is definitely not the least developed character on this show. I know that because when you compare the amount of backstory we get for him, and compare how the show treated Robin Hood, Robin is definitely the most under developed character. (The sad thing is, we’re never going to see Robin develop as a character in the future because the writer’s literally erased him from the story).

    I think if you’re a fan of Hook, you see the development and understand it; but if you’re not (you refuse to see it). But even the haters call this show, Once Upon a Hook, and I like to make of fun of that because we do a get of Hook and I’m not complaining about it, but you don’t get that angry slogan if it weren’t true.

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