Life Lessons We Learned from Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

Independence Day: Resurgence sees an old foe return to show the humans who really runs this universe. Little do the aliens know that the humans have adopted their technology for their own means and taught a generation that they could survive against the craziest odds.

Let’s talk about the life lessons we learned from the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer!


1. When in doubt, grow that beard out.

Sometimes life throws you curveballs, like an alien species attacking your planet, destroying cities, and killing thousands of it’s residents. And what are you to do when the storm has settled? When everyone is trying to rebuild? Grow a beard, of course! It gives ex-Presidents a ‘devil may care’ look when in all actuality you’re still suffering through PTSD. And it even looks fetching in low light action moments when you’ve got to turn in slow motion.

President Whitmore is a perfect example of a man whose embraced the bearded lifestyle. Just in time for the aliens to return! Wonder if they’ll recognize him without his boyish good looks.


2. Bigger doesn’t mean better.

The second time around the aliens aren’t playing games. Instead of bringing a bunch of ships to destroy the world they’ve decided to bring a big mama that covers the span of an ocean. But that doesn’t mean anything. Size doesn’t matter. The power and will of the American people will unite with the rest of the world to destroy the alien scurge!


3. The underdog wins, always.

Have you ever seen a movie where the underdog didn’t win? No? Because they don’t exist. No one likes to see the underdog die a bloody death. They want to see them rise above the pain, horror, and death around them to destroy the enemy. I don’t have a magic crystal ball but I can see the aliens dying as we speak!


4. SciFi movies lie sometimes.

Flags don’t wave in space. They can move (if someone physically shakes it about) but there is no way that flags billow in the vacuum of space. The power of patriotism and the human spirit can not move that flag. Repeat. It can not.


Check out the Extended Trailer below!

Independence Day: Resurgence is in theaters now!

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