We all have a favorite Hemsworth brother. We can deny it, but it’s true. Mine? Well that would be Liam Hemsworth. Now, I have always figured that Liam is filled with a ton of energy and that he’s a balls to the wall kind of person. Turns out that anyoneRead More →


I love Liam Hemsworth. We all have our favorite Hemsworth brother and for me it’s Liam. Liam’s new show for Quibi is an action thriller entitled, Most Dangerous Game. And it looks fucking terrifying. Here’s the show’s synopsis: “Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness canRead More →

The Hemsworth brothers are all specimens of hotness, but I have to admit – I have a favorite. I think we all do. Who is yours? Chris? Luke? Liam? It has to be Liam Hemsworth for me. I have loved him since seeing him in The Last Song – aRead More →

Not that celebrity relationships are any of our business, but lets admit it – we are all interested. And we’re all intrigued as to what is going on with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Are they or aren’t they? Well Liam addressed their relationship in GQ Australia, “People will figure itRead More →

We can’t believe that it’s been 20 years since Independence Day, but we’re excited that we’re getting a sequel. This trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has us captivated. It also has us fearing an alien invasion on the 4th of July. The movie stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman,Read More →