Powerless: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Female superhero shows are a dime a dozen – hello Supergirl – so you can imagine our excitement at hearing that one of our favorite actresses, Vanessa Hudgens, would be staring in an NBC work-place comedy set in the DC Comics Universe. It’s like a dream come true!

Especially because this time, the show is not about the superheroes, it’s about the regular people – the powerless, if you must, who have to find balance while living in a world populated by superheroes and villains.

Now that’s a good story.

So here are five questions we want answered from the cast and crew of what will undoubtedly be one of our new obsessions come September.

What DC Comics Heroes can we expect to see?

Sure, Powerless is set in the DC Comics Universe, but we probably won’t be seeing the big superheroes – those are too busy staring in movies, or, in other TV shows. So who can we expect to see? Will the show give us even a glimpse of their story or will be just completely focused on the regular people? And, will we get references to the well-known heroes?

Is Emily Locke the main character or is this more of an ensemble cast?

We love Vanessa Hudgens, and we love the idea of focusing on a regular woman living in an extraordinary world and still wanting to do good, to be a hero, in her own way. We’re just wondering …is it really about her, or is it more like The Office, an ensemble cast? Because, though we love The Office, we gotta say we like the first idea much more.

Is it just a work-place comedy or will Emily get to actually interact with the superheroes?

The world is filled with superheroes. Now that’s a premise we can’t stop thinking about. But how present are they going to be? Will Emily get to meet them and give them a piece of her mind, or will they just be a silent presence in the background? Can we expect some friendships, even love?

Heroes are heroes! Isn’t it more important for them to save the world than worry about collateral damage? Or, in other words, will we relate to the premise?

How are they planning to take a premise that most people will reject off-hand and turn it on its head? If regular folks are asked to pick a side, they’ll probably pick the superhero side. We, after all, don’t really have to live in a world where these things are a possibility. So, are the characters going to struggle with these questions as much as the viewers will? Can they refrain from making this black and white and instead keep it in shades of grey?

Are crossovers/cameos a possibility?

Yes, NBC is another network and the DCTV universe is now completely on the CW, but are crossovers or cameos a possibility? Supergirl and The Flash did it when they were in two different networks, after all! We’re not even asking for Emily to come face to face with the Green Arrow, but a meetup with Felicity Smoak or Iris West might help her to see the other side of being a superhero.

Agree? Disagree? Have more questions you want answered for Powerless? Share with us in the comments below!

Powerless is set to air in Fall 2016. It’s Pilot episode will be screened during Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con.

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