If I’d ordered a perfect Christmas movie, the end result might have been The Knight Before Christmas, and no, that’s not even hyperbole. What makes a perfect holiday movie? The answer isn’t really as complicated as the year 2019 might make us believe, with movies like Last Christmas making usRead More →


The thing that is so frustrating about Powerless is that when I watch it I’m reminded of the potential it had with its original pilot. The original direction and tone of the show presented Powerless as this comedy with substance. It’s what would’ve have made Powerless different from the menialRead More →

I don’t want to compare, I really don’t, but this is my second time watching the Pilot of Powerless, and I can’t help but …well, compare. The episode went through extensive re-shoots, and when I say extensive I mean there’s nothing left of the Pilot I saw. That was  aRead More →

Female superhero shows are a dime a dozen – hello Supergirl – so you can imagine our excitement at hearing that one of our favorite actresses, Vanessa Hudgens, would be staring in an NBC work-place comedy set in the DC Comics Universe. It’s like a dream come true! Especially becauseRead More →