Vanessa Hudgens Set To Reprise Her Role In ‘Bad Boys’ Franchise

We’re supposed to care about Vanessa Hudgens having a new role, but we’re so focused on the way she acted at the Oscars when she saw her ex.

Kid Cudi & Kenya Barris’s ’Entergalactic’ Gets A Premiere Date

Netflix announced Entergalactic will premiere on September 30, and after seeing the cast, the synopsis, and the first photos, we can’t wait!

Vanessa Hudgens Shares A Behind The Scenes Video From ‘tick, tick…Boom!’

This video of Vanessa Hudgens singing – WOW. Girl has an amazing voice.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star Review: A Triple Helping of Cheese

If Netflix knows how to do one thing, it’s cheese. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star is a triple serving of cheese. And we love it.

11 Filipino Actors to Know This Filipino American History Month

Filipinos are known for performing, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Filipino actors are in many of your favorite movies and shows.

A New ‘My Little Pony’ Movie Is Coming With Some Familiar Voices

#MyLittlePony’s newest movie has some spectacular voice talent. See who is lending their voice to the movie and the trailer!

See The First Still From Vanessa Hudgens Movie, ‘Asking for It’

Vanessa Hudgens upcoming movie, #AskingForIt released its first still. See it here!

Netflix Release Synopsis For Third Movie In ‘The Princess Switch’ Franchise

Christmas movies are @mylifeaserin’s jam. So no wonder she was excited to read the synopsis for the 3rd film in the franchise.

‘The Knight Before Christmas’ is Perfect, Delightful, Holiday Cheese

If I’d ordered a perfect Christmas movie, the end result might have been The Knight Before Christmas, and no, that’s not even hyperbole. What makes a perfect holiday movie? The answer isn’t really as complicated as the year 2019 might…

See The Trailer: ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

Christmas movies are my kink. I can go on and on about my love for Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime, but Netflix has crept in to my heart and love for Christmas films. They’ve upped the ultimate cheesy Christmas…

‘The Princess Switch’ is the Cheesiest Christmas Cheese There Is

If we’re grading the Christmas movies available this year on cheese factor and cheese factor alone …well, The Princess Switch – the Vanessa Hudgens led Prince and the Pauper style rom com is probably the cheesiest one there is. Does…

Netflix Is Making A Christmas Movie With Vanessa Hudgens

We’re a sucker for a good or bad Christmas movie. But when you make it a Christmas movie that includes royalty – just take our time and money. If you make it about royal romance – well, we’re guaranteed to…

Powerless 1×04 Review: 'Emily Dates a Henchman'

The thing that is so frustrating about Powerless is that when I watch it I’m reminded of the potential it had with its original pilot. The original direction and tone of the show presented Powerless as this comedy with substance.…

Powerless 1×01 Review: Wayne or Lose

I don’t want to compare, I really don’t, but this is my second time watching the pilot of Powerless, and I can’t help but …well, compare. The episode went through extensive re-shoots, and when I say extensive I mean there’s…

Powerless SDCC 2016 Interviews: 5 Things We Learned About DC’s First Comedy

There is no denying that superheroes have taken over television and film in the past few years, and they show no sign of slowing down any time soon. Television has been especially grateful giving us some really “super” shows, including…

5 Things We Learned From The Powerless Panel at SDCC

NBC is joining the superhero game in their own peculiar way with Powerless, a comedy about…well, about the regular people who inhabit a superhero world. Like the tagline says: “It’s a superhero world. We just live in it.” The cast…

Powerless First Impression: DC Comics Finds Success in Comedy

DC Comics is no stranger to primetime given its current crop of superhero dramas currently airing across network television. But its latest addition is perhaps one of its smartest. A comedy – yes, comedy – hailing from the studio that…

Powerless: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Female superhero shows are a dime a dozen – hello Supergirl – so you can imagine our excitement at hearing that one of our favorite actresses, Vanessa Hudgens, would be staring in an NBC work-place comedy set in the DC…