Luke Cage SDCC Interview: Simone Missick and Frank Whaley

One of the most highly-anticipated shows for 2016 is Marvel’s Luke Cage which after Jessica Jones and Daredevil is the next show in the series which will culminate in The Defenders – the team of the street heroes. We got a chance at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) to sit down and chat to actors Simone Missick (Misty Knight) and Frank Whaley (Detective Scarfe) about their roles in the series.
Misty and Scarfe are partners in the police department, and Missick explains that their characters’ arcs are more than just about catching the bad guy, it’s about the relationship between the two characters as well.
When asked about Misty’s role as a strong female character, Simone Missick said, “I think that Misty thinks that she is capable in all that she does, and she doesn’t hear the dissenters, she does not pay any attention to that. I think that she enjoys proving people wrong in more ways than one.”
Frank Whaley added to that saying that the level of quality that one gets from the Marvel/Netflix barrier is what’s different for him from his previous work and that he loves the fact that his daughter will grow up watching a strong female character like Misty Knight.
Teasing the ‘big twist’ at the episode seven, they said that there were gasps and tears at the table read as no one expected it. Missick also mentions how the excitement of the fans has been contagious and there is such a large contingent excited for the release.
Whaley describes the show as being “more than a superhero show, it’s more human than that.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage will stream on Netflix from September 30th.

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