Frequency SDCC 2016 Interview: Riley Smith

When an actor tears up as he’s talking about a plot point/relationship, you know you’re in for tears yourself.

That’s what happened with Riley Smith as he discussed the first episode of Frequency, the new CW drama that’s bound to have us reaching for the Kleenex box. I’m serious here. You might as well grab them now and then never let go, because even in the interview, this is a bit emotional.

And by a bit, we mean a whole lot.

Smith was especially forthcoming as he discussed his character, Frank, who he calls a “flawed hero,” especially considering that Peyton List’s character, Raymi, introduces Frank by saying “my father’s a bad man.” So, we’ve got that to look forward to, and Smith had that to look forward to as he tried to inhabit a character that maybe wasn’t perfect, but who wasn’t the man Raymi thought he was, either.

“Is it, ultimately, better or worse for us, or is everything supposed to be the way it is?” is the question that, maybe, we need to ponder over before the show even starts. We’d all jump at a chance to change the past, but would we be able to live with the repercussions of that.

Will Raymi and Frank?

“Maybe, for me, it is …you need to say what you want to say now,” Smith adds, and yes, this is a TV show we’re talking about here. Or maybe it isn’t. It’s hard to tell when you look at how much he puts into it.

Hopefully, come October, we’ll have our emotions in order as we go on this adventure with the cast of Frequency. For now, check out our interview with Riley Smith below and get ready for the FEELS:


Frequency premieres  Wednesday October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.

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